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Enhance Your Student Experience with an Innovative Network and Mobile Communications 

Leverage Technology to Create a Competitive Advantage

  • Differentiate your institution in the marketplace when you use cost-effective mobile and wireless communications and advanced network solutions.
  • Lower your infrastructure costs by implementing an open, flexible, standards-based communications platform that works with your existing campus applications. Use this SIP-based platform to scale across multiple locations, regardless of your school’s size, and to dynamically optimize bandwidth.
  • Improve collaboration among students, faculty, and multi-institution teams. Expand campus contact center services and recruitment by supporting students across multiple communication channels, available on mobile devices. 
  • Deploy creative digital learning solutions. Transform learning experiences with ubiquitous wireless access to online courses, add HD multi-party video to instructor-led classes, and create immersive online classrooms via the cloud. 
  • Confidently support thousands of IP video cameras on your network. This helps you meet the top-of-mind goal to enhance campus safety.
  • Connect using Cloud-based collaboration. With cloud-based services, you can offer a budget friendly, pay-as-you-go option for access to communications and collaboration tools.
  • Review our infographic to learn 5 Critical Keys to Delivering a Modern Education Experience.


Provide Secure Access to University Content

Implement a network and wireless infrastructure that’s proven capable of securely handling thousands of devices and users.

Deliver Affordable Online and Hybrid Learning Solutions

Enable HD video conferencing and web collaboration on any device in any location, whether on-campus or online.

Shift Admin Costs to Innovative Solutions

Improving your communications infrastructure can lower your overhead costs for administration. Allocate the savings to provide mobility capabilities for staff so they’re reachable anywhere on campus. A bonus—you’ll save even more when you reduce your number of hard-wired desk phones.

Customer Story
University of Washington

“Avaya Aura was superior in terms of open standards, integration capabilities and session control compared to other vendors.”

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Higher Education Solutions

Deliver Great Service to Students and Staff

Exceptional service means being highly responsive, quickly handling inquiries and easily reaching the people you need to answer questions and provide information. Enable your campus contact center to better serve prospective and current students, faculty, parents, and alumni by quickly and accurately routing calls, reducing wait times, and offering multichannel communications such as voice, IM, web chat, text, email, voicemail, and social media.

Education and HD Video Conferencing Solutions

Provide Best–in-Classroom Experiences

Whether your students and faculty are in a traditional classroom on site, attending from home, or connecting from around the globe, your IT team can create a collaborative, rich learning environment. Students can connect to class and resources using cloud-based and mobile applications, learn and share information using HD video conferencing, and work in teams inside immersive virtual learning environments.

Responsive Education Solutions

Create More Engaging Content

More engaged students tend to retain information longer. Interactive, immersive web collaboration applications let students and faculty conduct multiple, free-flowing discussions simultaneously, and provide access to all class materials.

Make Your Campus Safer

A safe campus environment is critical. When you deploy IP video surveillance as part of your safety protocol, you must ensure the utmost reliability and performance of that surveillance equipment. Avaya network solutions sustain a reliable real-time emergency notification system so you can easily manage alerts across all communication channels. And our solutions are designed to protect against data loss, so your team can confidently keep a close eye on what’s going on.

Avaya Technology Partners & Solutions

Discover the Strategic Advantage of Working with Avaya Education Ecosystem Partners

Explore and discover innovative, interoperable education solutions from our ecosystem of Technology Partners focused on delivering to schools and campuses. Get connected with partners to help you with ready-made, interoperability-proven solutions. Integrate to your existing systems or customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Ryerson University's High-Performance Network Enables BYOD

Benefits: Network Scalability
Topics: Bring your Own Device (BYOD), Regulatory Compliance, Team Efficiency, eLearning
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