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HUG (Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève) Hackathon Report [PDF]

The Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève hosted their 3rd Hackathon event as part of the wider Open Geneva Innovation Festival of Science, Technology, and Society, and Avaya was delighted to be one of the main sponsors of this Healthcare Innovation event. 11 teams participated in the Hackathon, focused on the 11 Healthcare Challenges identified for the event, ranging from a remote monitoring application for rehabilitation to a chatbot for patient follow-up.

Avaya Patient Appointment Reminder [PDF]

This brochure outlines how Avaya Patient Appointment Reminder can help you improve appointment attendance rates and proactively increase clinical productivity through business intelligence and proactive, automated notifications.

Communications-Enabling Your EHR Solution [PDF]

Advances in technology are bringing together information and processes from many different systems throughout the healthcare continuum. This is great news for healthcare providers! By adding real-time communications processes into the healthcare workflow, your organization will see immediate improvements that enhance revenues, lower costs, and allow for a whole new level of convenience, personalization, interaction, and wellness for the patients.

Patient Interaction Solutions [PDF]

Patient Interaction solutions improve clinical productivity and enhance the patient experience by automating routine processes and expanding patient interaction outside the hospital

Video-Enabled Healthcare Solutions [PDF]

Avaya video-enabled solutions allow for the faster roll out of high-quality, video-enabled services with minimal risk and disruption. Avaya solutions can improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience and help healthcare organizations reduce costs and improve profitability.

Avaya Healthcare Solutions [PDF]

Avaya Healthcare Solutions brochure describing Avaya's solutions for healthcare and how those solutions help care teams collaborate, increase productivity, and drive better patient experiences.

Fact Sheets

Smart Healthcare - Smart Digital World Solutions [PDF]

Improve the patient experience with integrated communications and instant access to health experts with Smart Healthcare.


Avaya Digital Care Coordination Tools Net Better Outcomes [PDF]

As healthcare looks to bridge the delivery care gap, Avaya has the solutions and expertise to enable you to improve operational efficiency, staff productivity, and care coordination with healthcare technology and solutions that move you towards a multi-disciplinary patient care team model.



Future of Healthcare [1:18]

As healthcare looks to adopt innovative solutions, Avaya has the solutions and expertise to enable you to maximize your operational efficiency and staff productivity. Watch this video for a glimpse into the future of healthcare and how technology can connect and empower your people so they have access to the right information and resources at the right time.

Messaging Automation in Healthcare [3:22]

Avaya Messaging Automation brings you integration of your social customer service channels as well as automation (chatbots) allowing seamless integration of your backend systems and the ideal combination of bot and agent.

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