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Education Technology from Avaya Ecosystem Partners


Avaya has an ecosystem of channel partners, system integrators, service providers and technology partners to best serve your individual needs.

With Avaya Connect Partners you gain access to Avaya education technology solutions through a knowledgeable local provider. Together, we bring you smart technology, deep technical knowledge, tangible value, and responsive service.

Choose from interoperable solutions created by leading independent software vendors, independent hardware vendors, system integrators, and service providers. Through the Avaya DevConnect Program, our partners offer technical skills and solutions that add custom development and integration skills to your Avaya solutions.

VBrick Systems Online and Distance Learning

Online and Distance Learning

VBrick Systems manages video and digital media, including tools to create, store, and stream content. For both live and pre-recorded content, options include TV distribution to classrooms, centralized video content storage, and video management.

Enhance Faculty and Staff Collaboration and Productivity

Esna Technologies Inc. - OfficelinX,™ enables native integration of Avaya Unified Communications solutions with cloud-based business applications such as Google Apps.
Phybridge Inc.- UniPhyer helps educational institutions utilize their existing telephony wiring instead of upgrading their LAN when deploying VoIP.

Education Collaboration and Productivity from Avaya
Campus Safety Solutions

Improve Campus Safety

Conveyant Systems Inc. - Sentry E911 solutions are an effective suite of applications to assist institutions in protecting themselves and their customers in an emergency.

911 ETC - CrisisConnect® from 911 ETC assists in the task of interfacing your PBX/VoIP Network with your local PSAP (Public Safety Answer Point) to provide location information necessary for all Enhanced 911 calls.

ObjectTel - CLASSONE® seamlessly integrates two-way radio communications with Avaya Aura® Communication Manager, Meeting Exchange, and Avaya Enablement Services.

Mutare - Enterprise Notification System has an Emergency Notification solution that automates the rapid, mass delivery of announcements to targeted groups via simultaneous phone, text, and email broadcasts.

Streamline Customer Student Services

Accuvoice - Custom Apps for Schools deliver K-12 software and Higher Education applications, combining technologies to bring Multimedia Messaging and Response to the school or school district.

Accuvoice Customer Student Services

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U.S. or Canada: 1-866-GO-AVAYA

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