Customer Experience & Contact Center Solutions

Exceed Customer Expectations. Build Lifetime Value.

Optimize Your Customer Experience Across All Channels

Social media. SMS. Web chat. Mobile apps. They’re all now essential stops on the customer experience journey. Each offers a new way for customers to interact with your brand. But each adds one more venue where a poor experience can diminish customer lifetime value—and push them into the arms of your competition.

Let Avaya help you achieve a 360° view of your customers. Understand their histories. Anticipate their needs. And deliver personalized, exceptional experiences across every channel.

Why Customer Experience Matters to You

Customer experience encompasses everything your customers believe about your brand—and the actions they take based on that perception. If customer experience were a video game, your “score” would start with the very first contact and go up or down with every interaction after that. Deliver smart, simple, pleasant experiences every time, across every channel, and you win a lifetime of loyalty.


80% of companies view customer experience as a competitive differentiator


93% of executives polled by Avaya plan to focus on improving the customer experience in 2018


91% of organizations plan to invest in omnichannel analytics over the next two years

Every $1 Spent on Improving CX Gives a $3 Return

Poor customer experiences can have immediate consequences. But do customer care right and the payoff is significant:

20% sales cycle acceleration

19% increased sales revenue

20% increased customer loyalty

22% increased customer lifetime value


I'm Contact Center-Focused

Your contact center agents love your customers. You’ve automated many aspects of their jobs. You’ve begun to integrate information from other customer touchpoints (web, social, mobile), but too much data still lives on separate islands.

What's Next: Build more visibility and seamless interactions across channels. Ask Avaya how >

I'm Running Multi-channel

You’ve invested in a framework to interact with customers anywhere, anytime, over any device. 

What's Next: Ensure that those interactions are always consistent and excellent, no matter how customers connect. Ask Avaya how >

I'm Managing Omnichannel

You manage interactions across all channels as a single customer relationship. You’ve started using analytics to drive better experiences, deeper loyalty, and higher lifetime value. But you know you’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

What's Next: Use data across your organization to lower costs, improve productivity, and capture new revenues. Ask Avaya how >

How Should You Deploy & Operate Your CX Platform?

In the Cloud? On premises? Hybrid? As-a-service? When you partner with Avaya, the answer is Yes. Avaya supports a complete menu of architectures and options. Whichever model best fits your business, we can deliver.

Mix and match deployment models as your needs dictate. No matter which way you go, we can help you realize the full advantages of cloud.

Avaya flexible deployments >

Start Building a Better Customer Experience

No matter where you are in your journey to deliver extraordinary customer experiences—or where you want to go—Avaya can help.

Avaya Oceana Solution

Your customers expect personalized, exceptional experiences—every time they interact with your company, over every channel. Avaya Oceana, our comprehensive omnichannel solution, gives you a 360° view of your customers to boost satisfaction and drive lifetime loyalty.  

Learn More >

Avaya Call Center Elite

Trust the world’s most widely used contact center solution to intelligently steer customers to the right resource every time, and deliver a unified experience across channels.

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Avaya Experience Portal

Engage customers anywhere, anytime, on any device. Your customers have the freedom to reach out to you however they choose. And your agents have details on every previous interaction at their fingertips.

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Avaya Workforce Optimization

Gain deep insight into what’s working well in your customer interactions, where you can improve, and which issues are sapping performance and efficiency. Identify your top-performing agents, and give frontline personnel the tools to be more effective.

Learn More >
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