Contact Center Efficiency

Exceptional Customer Engagement Starts with Smart Resource Management


Manage Growing Call Volumes, Improve Agent Engagement, Reduce Service Costs

  • Get the most and the best from your contact center’s resources, tools, and agents as you evolve to omnichannel customer engagement. Eliminate resource constraints caused by repetitive requests and manual processes. Manage volume fluctuations resulting from growth. Ensure performance to SLAs and compliance requirements.
  • Leverage the latest best practices and technologies to:
    • Identify customer trends
    • Streamline contact handling
    • Uncover cumbersome processes
    • Scale for growth
    • Address training opportunities
  • Work with Avaya to achieve your goals—enabling your contact center to operate efficiently as it delivers on its important role in advancing your business’s operational and fiscal performance.

Manage Growing Call Volumes while Optimizing Service

Improve scheduling with holistic real-time and historical forecasts. Leverage omnichannel self-service, callbacks, and outbound capabilities to mitigate inbound calls and cost of service.

Improve Operational Performance

Optimize use of your resources using the latest in voice and multichannel routing and resource matching solutions.

Improve Agent Engagement and Productivity

Improve agents’ visibility and engagement by streamlining call routing strategies and delivering call context to the desktop. Quickly identify and close gaps in agent skills and training with advanced analytics, automated coaching, and eLearning solutions.

Customer Story
Ballantyne Strong

"You want a company that is looking at research and development going forward that can be provided to the end customer – Avaya is always making sure they’re there.” 

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Optimize Call Routing and Resource Matching

Build flexible, responsive customer engagement strategies that help you better manage call volumes through the power of omnichannel self-service, proactive notifications, and callbacks to maintain service levels. Deploy advanced routing strategies that help ensure agents serve your most valuable customers first while maintaining service levels across all of your customer segments.


Gain Insights into Contact Center Performance

Predict call, email and chat workloads. Model contact behavior for different types of events and circumstances to help ensure your contact centers are properly staffed with the skills necessary to meet service levels. Easy-to-customize tools and quick access to real-time and historical performance data enables you to adapt more quickly to changing situations and ensure optimal agent utilization.


Transform Agent Engagement with Real-time Information

Simplified unified agent desktops and screen-pops give your agents instant info to help optimize their productivity. Quickly and easily produce schedules that maximize efficiency and define the right staff to support fluctuating needs for customer service.


Respond to Growing Customer Call Volumes

Get ahead of growing sales and customer service inquiries with the capabilities you need with Avaya Cloud Solutions. Flexible licensing and deployment models help you quickly address all your contact center and communications needs. Whether it's augmenting your existing on premise or cloud services, Avaya can help you meet your most challenging market and business demands.

Customer Satisfaction Levels Increase by 11% at HomeChoice

Benefits: Improved Customer Service, Increased Productivity
Topics: Customer Service, Multi-channel, Multimedia Messaging, Team Efficiency, Unified Communications
HomeChoice Case Study featuring Avaya Workforce Optimization
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