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Eight Reasons to Move to the latest release of Avaya Aura [PDF]

The Avaya Aura® Platform does more than provide unified communications. It provides a foundation for your digital transformation.

Avaya Aura® Platform [PDF]

The Avaya Aura Platform is a breakthrough in business communications. Avaya's core communications platform supports mid to large enterprises, enables unified communications, on-demand collaboration and customer service, faster, with less complexity and at lower cost, anywhere in the world. The Avaya Aura Platform brings together award-winning Avaya real-time communications performance and reliability with a revolutionary, enterprise-wide SIP architecture, plus the instant detection of each user's presence across devices and applications. Communications applications and services are implemented once and made available across the business. Simpler deployment and streamlined provisioning, plus leaner hardware and enterprise-wide dial plans, all drive down costs and complexity.

The Value of Avaya Global Support Services and Support Advantage [PDF]

The cost of communications downtime emphasizes the need for quality technical support. Avaya responds with support services that monitor constantly, resolve quickly and optimize continually. With Avaya Global Support Services, you have direct access to high quality, timely product information, sophisticated support tools and processes, and knowledgeable and experienced technical experts—all brought together for you in innovative ways.


Solving the Engagement Challenge

A huge number of employees bring their own devices to work, using them for business communications every day, all day. This Avaya Trend Advisor examines BYOD in depth—laying out the benefits and explaining how to manage the few challenges that may arise. Take an eye-opening look at research showing that company-wide BYOD programs dramatically boost employee engagement, which can have tremendous benefits for your bottom line.


Four Things You Can't Ignore About Enterprise Mobility [PDF]

Learn the issues facing enterprises that use mobile telephony and collaboration, and find out how Avaya Enterprise Mobility can help.



Avaya #1 in Worldwide Voice Maintenance / Voice Support Services [3:37]

Avaya makes it easy for organizations to proactively prevent problems, rapidly resolve issues if they do occur and continually optimize solution performance.

The Future of Customer Experience in Financial and Insurance Services [1:47]

A customer-centric approach to innovation is essential to meet the demands of today's digital banking consumer. Learn how FSI's can differentiate themselves by making each customer's experience personalized and relevant to their needs.

Avaya Aura Platform: The Solution for Engagement [4:25]

Learn how Avaya Aura can take your enterprise beyond collaboration to real engagement with customers, partners and across you teams.

Avaya Managed Services [3:33]

Watch a brief overview video of the Avaya Managed Services portfolio. Review our solutions and some of the benefits our clients receive.

Bringing Business and Customers together: Avaya Breeze [3:57]

Avaya Breeze (formerly Engagement Development Platform Release 3.0) accelerates the momentum of Avaya's latest application development environment. With Snap-in capabilities like WebRTC, Real-time Speech, Context Store and Work Assignment, all accessible through the Engagement Designer interface, creating meaningful applications across UC and CC environments has never been easier.

Making the Most of the Latest Avaya Aura® Capabilities [4:48]

This video explains how the latest release of Avaya Aura® can have dramatic impacts on your costs, your employees effectiveness and the way you service your customers.

White Papers

Avaya Aura Platform: The Solution for Engagement [PDF]

This white paper takes an in-depth look at how communications and collaboration are evolving in the new era of team and customer engagement and how the Avaya Aura® Platform delivers a single, holistic solution—at the infrastructure level, the communications layer and on individual devices—that enables you to implement engagement capabilities across your enterprise.

The New Rules of Engagement [PDF]

Authored by Kevin Kennedy, Avaya President and CEO, this paper explains why strong leaders should dispel 3 myths of communications—myths of openness, collaboration, and consumerization—to achieve success in 21st century business communication.

The Emerging Opportunity for Full Stack Communications in the Midmarket

Midsize firms have sophisticated communications requirements, but a very limited selection of solutions designed for their needs. Rather than creating their own full-stack solutions, sourced from separate vendors and providers, midsize companies should evaluate integrated technologies. See how and why full-stack, holistic communications—which are fast to implement, highly supportable, and affordable—can meet the unique goals of midsize companies.

The Avaya Aura® Platform: Taking the Next Step [PDF]

With its powerful SIP-based networking capabilities, Avaya Aura® can take your enterprise network to the next level. Read this white paper to learn more how the latest releases of Avaya Aura® can benefit your enterprise.

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