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Avaya Cloud Services [3:09]

05 Oct 2015
Watch this overview of Avaya Cloud Enablement Solutions, which support innovation in communications and enable growth without huge capital expense.

ROI Networks [2:24]

25 Aug 2015
ROI Networks offers flexibility to cloud customers

TSE Communications Video [2:23]

31 Jul 2015
California service provider boosts high-performance with networking

IIX (International Internet Exchange) [2:37]

04 Jun 2015
IIX replaced its previous network infrastructure with Avaya Fabric Connect, for its simplified network design and deployment, plus shortest path forwarding for fast performance.

White Papers

CAPEX vs. OPEX—The Financial Implications of Going Cloud

10 Nov 2015
You have many choices when it comes to how best to enable your customer service agents to engage with customers: Enable agents to work from anywhere, even from home. Opt for contact center solutions to be made available as a monthly subscription. Deliver your contact center technology on premises, in the cloud, or somewhere in between.

Trends in Customer Engagement Strategies

16 Oct 2015
This intriguing Pulse Report survey from Gatepoint Research evaluates the use of mobile technology and customer communications solutions among more than 500 managers, directors, executives, VPs, and CxOs. Leverage the information to define how to get ahead of the curve in creating great customer experiences and improving the productivity of your team—all leading to a stronger, better bottom line of revenue and growth.

The New Rules of Engagement [PDF]

30 Jun 2015
Authored by Kevin Kennedy, Avaya President and CEO, this paper explains why strong leaders should dispel 3 myths of communications—myths of openness, collaboration, and consumerization—to achieve success in 21st century business communication.

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