Avaya Cloud Solutions Delivered by BT Wholesale

Make Your Cloud Communications Solution More Flexible and Reliable

Get Avaya Aura® Platform Capabilities in a Cloud Service

  • Revitalize your communications with a complete suite of cloud-based business communications from Avaya and BT Wholesale. The service is hosted on the BT Wholesale network and built on the Avaya Aura® Platform. You benefit from Avaya Aura’s adaptability and rich set of features combined with BT Wholesale’s high-speed, high-quality managed-Ethernet network.
  • Manage scale and capabilities with a convenient monthly subscription service. Deploy selectively for some or all of your users. Shift from CapEx to OpEx. Simplify your ongoing management to a fast, easy online tool. And accelerate the availability and deployment of new applications.
  • Receive the bespoke and adaptable communications applications and service level guarantees that have previously only been available to very large enterprises at significant cost.
  • Discover how Avaya makes it possible to connect, communicate and collaborate without boundaries. We offer the broadest options in cloud communication and collaboration services that meet the needs of any size business.

This offer is available only in the UK. For further information contact Avaya UK on +44 1483 308000.

Fine Tune with Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy cloud communications for some or all users within your enterprise. Overlay discrete services to enhance on-premises applications or get the benefits of holistic communications solutions.

Achieve Financial Flexibility

Optimise cash management by shifting from CapEx to OpEx. With utility pricing, gain predictable monthly costs based on usage, not idle capacity. Use the cloud for alternatives to traditional leased or capital-purchased customer premises equipment.

Make Your Business More Agile

Quickly scale based on fluctuations in demand, seasonality or other business needs. Remove the need to provision for expected peak volumes—instead, expand when needed while paying only for what is used.

Connect With Avaya

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