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In today’s enterprises, employees need tools to take an active role in creating value, delighting customers, and engaging colleagues in flexible interactions that deliver business results. Avaya enables this transformative environment by providing high-performance enterprise solutions on-premise, around the world, and in the cloud—for networking, unified communications, omnichannel contact center, video and conferencing, and the mobile workforce. Contact Avaya or an Avaya Authorized Partner to explore the latest enterprise solutions in communications applications and technologies.


Avaya Cloud Solutions

Avaya Cloud Solutions Delivered by BT Wholesale

Make Your Cloud Communications Solution More Flexible and Reliable

  • • Fine Tune with Flexible Deployment Options
  • • Achieve Financial Flexibility
  • • Make Your Business More Agile
Avaya Equinox™ Experience

Avaya Equinox™ Experience

Communications for How and Where We Work

  • • Seamless, Convenient Collaboration for Every Location and Device
  • • Simple, Contextual, User-defined Communications
  • • Communications in Everyday Applications, Browsers, and Devices
Create a Rich Omnichannel Customer Journey Fit for this Digital Age

Avaya Oceana™ Solution

Deliver the Experience Your Customers Expect

  • • Drive Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Lifetime Value
  • • Optimize Agent and Resource Productivity
  • • Deliver Better Business Outcomes
Avaya Cloud Options

Cloud Options

Private, Powered, and Branded Cloud Services for Your Communications Solutions

  • • Avaya Cloud Services
  • • Avaya Powered Solutions
  • • Avaya Hybrid Solutions
Contact Center Efficiency and Engagement from Avaya

Contact Center Efficiency

Exceptional Customer Engagement Starts with Smart Resource Management
  • • Manage Growing Call Volumes while Optimizing Service
  • • Improve Operational Performance
  • • Improve Agent Engagement and Productivity
Create a Personalized Customer Experience with Avaya

Customer Experience

Make Your Customer Experience Unique, Personal and Enduring

  • • Reduce Customer Effort
  • • Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • • Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Go Mobile and Multi-channel


Deliver an Exceptional Patient Journey—From Routine Services to Urgent Care

  • • Achieve Higher Quality Patient Outcomes
  • • Deliver More Productive, Effective Care
  • • Secure and Manage Your Healthcare IoT 


Create a Phenomenal Guest Experience that Propels Your Success

  • • Deliver a Connected Experience for Guests
  • • Increase Performance and Productivity
  • • Attract and Retain More Customers

Mobility Enablement

Build a Virtual Culture for Mobile Employees, Partners, Customers

  • • Make Mobile Engagement Intuitive
  • • Support Whatever Walks in the Door
  • • Secure Your Communications
Avaya Network Virtualization and Rapid Application Deployment

Network Virtualization

Eliminate Complexity in Your Network

  • • Supercharge Your Time to Service
  • • Converge and Save with Multi-Service Networking
  • • Orchestrate, Automate, and Shine

Topline Growth

Turn Your Contact Center into a Revenue Generator
  • • Proactively Engage Customers in More Cross-Sells and Up-Sells
  • • Identify, Engage, and Close Opportunities via Any Channel
  • • Respond Effectively to Changes in Demand
Avaya Unified Access Keeps People Connected to the Network Regardless of Where They Are - BYOD

Unified Access

A Simpler, Application-Aware Network that Accelerates Time to Service

  • • Support BYOD without IT Headaches
  • • Get Visibility and Control of the Applications on your Network
  • • Reduce IT Demands with Fast and Easy Deployments

Video Surveillance

Improve Video Availability and Quality While Eliminating Network Complexity

  • • Massive Scaling for More Cameras and Video Streams
  • • Fast Recovery Times
  • • Trade Complexity for Simplicity with Avaya Fabric Connect
Worker and Team Productivity

Worker and Team Productivity

Improve Business Performance with Highly Productive Workers and Teams

  • • Bring People Together
  • • Work from Anywhere
  • • Reduce Mobile and Conferencing Expenses


Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite

The Most Widely Used Contact Center Solution in the World

  • • Provide Your Customers with a Seamless Experience Across Channels
  • • Add Lower Cost Customer Service Channels
  • • Improve Your Contact Center Performance
Communication Manager

Avaya Aura® Communication Manager

Voice, Video, and Collaboration Starts Here
  • • Communicate and Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere
  • • Reliability at Your Fingertips
  • • Designed for IT and Employees
Video Conferencing With Avaya Aura

Avaya Aura® Conferencing

Integrated Conferencing on Any Device
  • • Never Worry About Availability
  • • Save Serious Bandwidth
  • • Simplify Your Life with a Single Conferencing Platform
Call Center Technology From Avaya - Avaya Aura

Avaya Aura® Contact Center

All-in-One Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

  • • A Single Interface for Managing All Customer Interactions
  • • Support Customers' Channel Preferences
  • • Provide a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels
Avaya Aura Experience Portal

Avaya Aura® Experience Portal

Omnichannel Customer Engagement with a Personal Touch
  • • Give Customers the Freedom to Choose
  • • Personalize Your Customer Interactions
  • • Upgrade Customer Experiences Without Upending Your Infrastructure
Avaya Aura Messaging

Avaya Aura® Messaging

Unified Messaging with User Experience Choices and Deployment Flexibility

  • • Maintain Productivity with a Familiar User Interface
  • • Use an Avaya or Microsoft Exchange Message Store
  • • Add a Speech-Based Auto Attendant
Avaya Aura Platform

Avaya Aura® Platform

Transform How You Communicate, Collaborate, and Serve Your Customers

  • • Cost Effective
  • • Resilient
  • • Investment Protection
Customer Experience with Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization

Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization

A Deeper, More Meaningful Look at Customer Interactions
  • • Harness the Voice of Your Customer
  • • Anticipate Contact Volumes
  • • Enable Agents to be More Successful
Avaya Communicator One Client for All Devices

Avaya Communicator

Transform How You Interact With Colleagues, Partners, and Customers
  • • Use Communications Without Leaving Your Business Application
  • • A Single Client Experience Makes it Easy
  • • Have Just One Identity
Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Avaya Contact Center Select

A Multi-Channel Contact Center Solution for Avaya IP Office™

IP Office Platform from Avaya - Enable Mobile Workforce Collaboration

Avaya IP Office™ Platform

A Simple, Powerful, Unified Collaboration Solution

  • • A Purpose-Built System
  • • Business Communications Providing Engagement Everywhere
  • • Administration Made Simple 
Avaya Pivot Operating Platform

Avaya Pivot™ Operating Platform

Taking on the Everywhere Data Center

Video Conferencing Solutions for Anywhere

Avaya Scopia® Desktop and Mobile Applications

Face-to-Face Collaboration in Your Mobile World and on Your Desktop
  • • Rich User Experience
  • • Simplicity Fuels Usage
  • • Affordability—What Everyone Needs
Avaya Video Conferencing - Scopia XT Video Collaboration

Avaya Scopia® XT Video Conferencing

The Latest in HD Video Collaboration Room Systems and Capabilities
  • • Invest in the Most Powerful Video Technology
  • • Study the Cost Effectiveness
  • • Keep it Simple
 Avaya Surge™ Solution

Avaya Surge™ Solution

Making IoT Easy

  • • Mitigate Breaches
  • • Accelerate Network Innovation
  • • Leverage Actionable Insights
Avaya Vantage™ Device

Avaya Vantage™ Device

Built for Simple, Instant, Seamless, Natural Engagement

B179 Open SIP Conference Phone

B179 Open SIP Conference Phone

A Sleek and Sophisticated Conference Phone

Get More Out of Your Collaboration Tools

Cloud Application Link

Put Communications in Your Everyday Applications and Workflows

  • • Leverage Your Existing Communications
  • • Reduce IT Spending
  • • Make Communication Tools More Accessible and Available
Ingenuity in the Cloud

Cloud Wireless LAN

Easily Manage, Operate, and Secure your Wireless LAN
  • • Use a Single Management Console, the Ultimate in Simplicity
  • • Depend on System Resiliency for Mission-Critical Applications
  • • Accommodate Massive Scalability
Collaboration Environment

Engagement Development Platform

A Breakthrough Application Development Platform
  • • Single, Integrated Environment
  • • No Prerequisites
  • • Full Integration with the Avaya Aura® Platform
Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Esna Officelinx

Communicate Inside the Applications You Use Every Day

  • • Built for the Cloud
  • • Works with Existing Communications Systems
  • • Maximizes Communications Efficiency
Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series

Ethernet Routing Switch 3000 Series

Enterprise-Class Features for Small to Midsize Businesses

  • • Simple to Operate
  • • Cost Effective
  • • Easy Set-Up for Avaya IP Office
Ethernet Switches - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 Series

Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 Series

Versatility and Reliability for the Network Core
  • • Versatile Deployment
  • • Optimize Wireless LANs and BYOD Environments
  • • Add Performance as You Need It
Avaya Fabric Orchestrator

Fabric Orchestrator

Automate Your Network

  • • Enable One Operational Model
  • • Eliminate Manual Processes
  • • Build for the Future with Open-Source Technologies
Avaya J129 IP Phone

J129 IP Phones

A Cost-effective IP Phone for Everyday Use

J129 Open SIP Deskphone

J129 Open SIP Deskphone

A Cost-effective IP Phone for Everyday Use

Open Networking Adapters

Open Networking Adapters

Seamlessly Transform Conventional Endpoints into Intelligent Open Network Nodes 

  • • Automate Device Attachment
  • • Virtualize Crucial Assets
  • • Simplify Solution Deployment
Software Defined Networking - Avaya SDN Fx Architecture

SDN Fx™ Architecture

Simplicity Everywhere—from Data Center to Network Edge

  • • Deploy New Technology Fast, Simply
  • • Be More Secure with Automated Network Segmentation
  • • Use Advanced Technology to Gain a Market Advantage
Virtual Services Platform 8600 Series

Virtual Services Platform 8600 Series

Your Network Foundation, Reimagined with Your Business in Mind

  • • One Platform, Multiple Solutions
  • • Right-Sized for Today's Networks
  • • Lowers the Barriers to Entry
Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000

Virtual Services Platform 9000 Series

Take Your Network and Applications to a New Level of Reliability
  • • Evergreen Application Performance
  • • Hardened and Resilient for Maximum Availability
  • • Revolutionize Service Delivery


Bring Your Contact Center and Unified Communications as a Service to Market Quickly