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The Value of Avaya Global Support Services and Support Advantage [PDF]

The cost of communications downtime emphasizes the need for quality technical support. Avaya responds with support services that monitor constantly, resolve quickly and optimize continually. With Avaya Global Support Services, you have direct access to high quality, timely product information, sophisticated support tools and processes, and knowledgeable and experienced technical experts—all brought together for you in innovative ways.

Fact Sheets

Support Services - Separating Fact from Fiction [PDF]

At Avaya, we take pride in delivering world class customer service. Our support services capabilities have been recognized by some of the most prestigious organizations and professionals in the business, some of which is based on actual customer satisfaction ratings. This document helps to separate fact from fiction on Avaya Support Services.


3 Remote Access Features to Demand From Your Vendor [PDF]

Avaya Secure Access Link (SAL) Gateway is secure, smart, and gives you all the control you want. Learn more about the top remote access features that you should expect from your vendor.

Avaya Services: Award-winning, Industry-recognized services [PDF]

Overview of awards and industry recognition that Avaya Services has received.

4 Reasons to choose Avaya Support [PDF]

Learn how Avaya Support can help you focus on your strategic objectives.

Avaya Global Support Services 2016 Client Satisfaction Infographic [PDF]

Once again, Avaya Global Support Services achieved an all-time high average satisfaction score between very good and excellent in 2016. Thank you for your continued business and belief in Avaya. The detailed and transparent opinions you provide us through direct conversations and surveys drives our strategy. We’ve listened, taken action and wanted to share the outcomes we’ve experienced together. While we are proud of the results to date, we strive for an ever-improving relationship with you, our clients through excellent support delivery by our engineers, tools, and website.



Avaya #1 in Worldwide Voice Maintenance / Voice Support Services [3:37]

Avaya makes it easy for organizations to proactively prevent problems, rapidly resolve issues if they do occur and continually optimize solution performance.

Avaya Services and Avaya Oceana [2:24]

See how Avaya is using our own Avaya Oceana™ Solution inside the technical support experience we deliver to our customers. We show how Avaya Oceana Chat, Chatbot, and Co-Browse functions create a seamless digital interaction to assist users of our online Global Registration Tool.

Avaya Healthcheck [2:12]

Healthcheck is a new tool available to all Avaya Support customers. It’s a fast, easy way to help keep your Avaya solutions running at peak performance. It brings together thousands of individual diagnostic routines for connectivity, alarming, configuration, and product health into one tool. Avaya Healthcheck allows you to set up tests to run anytime and identify potential issues before they become service impacting. You can then instantly search the database for actionable steps you can take to resolve the issue. The Healthcheck dashboard helps you keep track of everything. You can drill down for details, export results to Excel and rerun any test with a single click. Try it – go to the Avaya Support Website.

Avaya EXPERT Systems Overview [2:49]

Avaya EXPERT Systems is an advanced automated diagnostic tool that proactively prevents communications problems.

Avaya SLA Mon Server Overview [2:11]

A patented diagnostic tool, the Avaya SLA Mon Server provides historical network performance data and analysis that enables root cause determination of communications solution performance problems.

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