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Drive Business Outcomes with Collaborative Communications Consulting

  • Conduct business in new ways by accessing the great opportunities available with advanced communications. Expanded functionality and availability help your employees be more productive, provide your customers with new and exceptional service options, and deliver operational efficiencies.
  • Use communications technology and applications effectively to drive growth in your organization while mitigating risk and reducing TCO for communications solutions.
  • Meet the challenges of new technologies with support from Avaya Professional Services. Keep costs low, help ensure that solutions are supporting business goals, and innovate with as little disruption as possible. We can help you transform your business with communications services ranging from initial planning and design consulting, to seamless implementation, integration, and ongoing optimization.
  • Tune and adjust your network and applications regularly as your business environment continues to evolve. Many of our consulting services are available as one-time engagements, or as part of our Continuous Performance Services, where a service subscription gives you repeated, periodic access to professional analysis and guidance. No matter which you choose, Avaya helps ensure your business gets the most out of your communications investment.

Services To Accelerate Your ROI

Enable, optimize, and innovate using new capabilities or what’s already in place.

People You Can Count On

1,500 Avaya specialists, more than 1,000 industry certifications, more than 2,000 projects completed each month

Coverage Where You Need It

A global services ecosystem of employees and partners in 37 countries.
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The Essential Guide to Avoiding Network Outages

The Essential Guide to Avoiding Network Outages

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