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Maximize Your Avaya Support Coverage With Advanced Diagnostic and Resolution Tools [PDF]

Avaya empowers you to move far beyond the traditional reactive model of IT maintenance and troubleshooting to a dynamic proactive support model. Advanced diagnostic, resolution, and support tools can detect imminent problems and programmatically resolve them in a matter of minutes. You are entitled to these proactive support tools with your Avaya Support Advantage Preferred coverage. Make sure to take advantage of these tools.

The Value of Avaya Global Support Services and Support Advantage [PDF]

The cost of communications downtime emphasizes the need for quality technical support. Avaya responds with support services that monitor constantly, resolve quickly and optimize continually. With Avaya Global Support Services, you have direct access to high quality, timely product information, sophisticated support tools and processes, and knowledgeable and experienced technical experts—all brought together for you in innovative ways.

Avaya Product Correction Support [PDF]

Take control of critical system updates in-house or turn to Avaya for expert installation and support. Avaya Product Correction Support helps you determine when to backup your system, install an update, reboot the system – or decide whether or not to do it yourself. With this flexible offer you can manage system updates yourself or tap Avaya technical experts for assistance with more complex patches or firmware upgrades.

Avaya Single Point of Contact [PDF]

Access a designated Avaya support team that knows your network – and understands your business. Avaya Single Point of Contact provides a direct link to support specialists. Available to clients in United States with Avaya Support Advantage Preferred, this service covers warranted Avaya switches, terminals and adjuncts, including contact center, voice response and messaging systems.

Avaya Dedicated Technician Service [PDF]

 Avaya Dedicated Technician Service provides a certified expert who is trained and managed by Avaya but reports directly to you and works at your location to maintain your vital communications solutions — whether it’s unified communications, contact centers or data networking solutions.

Client Service Manager [PDF]

Avaya Client Service Manager provides comprehensive service management delivering reliable support and peace of mind with an Avaya advocate serving as an extension of your team.

Avaya Web Based Support [PDF]

The Avaya Support Website gives you the flexibility to choose your path to resolution and the tools to solve issues quickly. It uses real-time, multichannel Web communications technology to make your support experience faster and easier.

Avaya Move, Add & Change (MAC) Services [PDF]

Avaya MAC Services are available to you whenever short term support or a finite skill set is needed to resolve a specific situation in your communications environment. Whether you need support for a negotiated period of time on a predetermined schedule, on demand, or based on a contracted term, Avaya has the tools and expertise to meet your needs. MAC Services are comprised of move, add, change, and delete activity for software, hardware, or a network component and are available to both Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Enterprise Communications Group (ECG) customers.

Fact Sheets

Support Services - Separating Fact from Fiction [PDF]

At Avaya, we take pride in delivering world class customer service. Our support services capabilities have been recognized by some of the most prestigious organizations and professionals in the business, some of which is based on actual customer satisfaction ratings. This document helps to separate fact from fiction on Avaya Support Services.

Secure Access Link - Fact Sheet [PDF]

Secure Access Link (SAL) provides the best combination of functionality, increased security, and ease of service, bringing fast resolution time, control, cost reduction and extensive value-adds to your remote connectivity.

Support Advantage [PDF]

Support Advantage is a flexible model for software and hardware support, delivering 24x7, global support services to businesses with Avaya communications environments. With Support Advantage, you get industry-recognized Avaya services in the fastest response times we’ve ever offered. And there’s a Support Advantage package that’s right for you, whether you take a hands-on approach to managing your environment, or choose to rely on Avaya or one of our Avaya channel partners.

SLA Mon™ Fact Sheet [PDF]

o Remote, fast and simple issue resolution is possible thanks to the SLA Mon™ Server component of Avaya Diagnostic Server. The SLA Mon™ Server is a customer controlled tool which delivers sophisticated remote IP Phone diagnostics and unprecedented network visibility. Using patented technologies with smart agents embedded in Avaya solutions, SLA Mon™ Server provides historical network analysis to empower you to proactively solve network issues faster than ever before, which can lead to fewer escalations, and finger pointing within your IT department. Included in the Avaya Support Advantage Preferred option, SLA Mon™ Server enables you to work in parallel with Avaya support via customer controlled tools providing advanced endpoint diagnostics and network monitoring at no additional licensing cost.

Local Advantage [PDF]

Avaya designated support team with English speaking, US citizens that own your service request from beginning to end.


Avaya Global Support Services 2016 Client Satisfaction Infographic [PDF]

Once again, Avaya Global Support Services achieved an all-time high average satisfaction score between very good and excellent in 2016. Thank you for your continued business and belief in Avaya. The detailed and transparent opinions you provide us through direct conversations and surveys drives our strategy. We’ve listened, taken action and wanted to share the outcomes we’ve experienced together. While we are proud of the results to date, we strive for an ever-improving relationship with you, our clients through excellent support delivery by our engineers, tools, and website.

Avaya Services: Award-winning, Industry-recognized services [PDF]

Overview of awards and industry recognition that Avaya Services has received.

3 Remote Access Features to Demand From Your Vendor [PDF]

Avaya Secure Access Link (SAL) Gateway is secure, smart, and gives you all the control you want. Learn more about the top remote access features that you should expect from your vendor.

4 Reasons to choose Avaya Support [PDF]

Learn how Avaya Support can help you focus on your strategic objectives.



Avaya Services and Avaya Oceana [2:24]

See how Avaya is using our own Avaya Oceana™ Solution inside the technical support experience we deliver to our customers. We show how Avaya Oceana Chat, Chatbot, and Co-Browse functions create a seamless digital interaction to assist users of our online Global Registration Tool.

Avaya Healthcheck [2:12]

Healthcheck is a new tool available to all Avaya Support customers. It’s a fast, easy way to help keep your Avaya solutions running at peak performance. It brings together thousands of individual diagnostic routines for connectivity, alarming, configuration, and product health into one tool. Avaya Healthcheck allows you to set up tests to run anytime and identify potential issues before they become service impacting. You can then instantly search the database for actionable steps you can take to resolve the issue. The Healthcheck dashboard helps you keep track of everything. You can drill down for details, export results to Excel and rerun any test with a single click. Try it – go to the Avaya Support Website.

Avaya EXPERT Systems Overview [2:49]

Avaya EXPERT Systems is an advanced automated diagnostic tool that proactively prevents communications problems.

Avaya SLA Mon Server Overview [2:11]

A patented diagnostic tool, the Avaya SLA Mon Server provides historical network performance data and analysis that enables root cause determination of communications solution performance problems.

Avaya Diagnostic Server Use Case Video [6:32]

View different scenarios on how to use Avaya Diagnostic Server to maximize your network performance with less finger-pointing.

Maximize the Value of Your Solution with Support Advantage [5:02]

Our trained services experts and advanced diagnostics combine in Avaya Support Advantage, delivering the 24x7 technical support you need to prevent outages, resolve issues quickly, and optimize your network.

Avaya Support Website [3:39]

Learn why the Avaya Support Website is the fastest way for you to get support.  Explore our state-of-the-art capabilities including the Avaya Knowledgebase,  Ava (the Avaya Virtual Agent), and Web Chat, Web Talk and Web Video to quickly communicate with live agents.

White Papers

Advanced Diagnostics: Are You Taking Full Advantage? [PDF]

Chris Wey, vice president of Strategy, Technology and Business Development at Avaya, discusses new tools now available to monitor and troubleshoot equipment, software applications and networks. Chris also offers insights into future capabilities that could further help understaffed IT departments manage advanced communications environments.

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