SIP Transformation Services

Proving Your Business Case for SIP-Enabled Technologies

SIP Delivers Real-World Cost Advantages

  • Rely on expert financial and business communications consulting services for guidance in establishing the fiscal justification for your migration to SIP. First, refine your investment priorities, determine ROI, and identify strategic benefits.
  • Evaluate the technology evolution that can lower the basis of your monthly spend. Demonstrate how it can provide a viable, sustainable path for meeting the communications and collaboration demands of your business—now and in the future.
  • Take a close look at a self-funding model, based on reduced networking charges. This option can help you reach a business decision for investing in a SIP-enabled infrastructure.
Avaya Technical Architecture Experts Evaluate SIP Transformation

The ROI of a Phased SIP Rollout

Build real-world assumptions into your financial model, such as rollout phasing and cut-over transitions, which are validated by Avaya technical architecture experts through the assessment. A fact-based, detailed current state analysis includes recommended priorities for your rollout phasing. And to prove that your savings are where they should be after a SIP implementation phase, take advantage of incremental network financial monitoring services.

Avaya Experts Provide Traffic Analysis Services for SIP Transformation

Traffic Analysis Services are Critical to SIP Implementation

Avaya technical and financial experts provide traffic analysis services, which complement and extend SIP Transformation Services to show what enterprise traffic is flowing across your current service provider circuits and what your future-state SIP circuits will look like. This traffic analysis service can be critical if your SIP investment decision involves other complexities, such as contact centers.

SIP Services for Enterprise and Contact Centers

A Self-Funded Road Map Provides Strategic and Financial Benefits

Your Avaya services engagement becomes the foundation for your communications technology evolution. Use the results from your initial service to justify future investments that deepen your use of SIP for richer collaboration and a variety of strategic and financial benefits, both in the enterprise setting and in contact centers.

Avaya Experts Help SIP Technology Implementation

Connect Across Avaya Centers of Excellence

Once you decide to implement an Avaya SIP-based solution, connect with technical planning and design experts and more resources from across Avaya to help you define technical direction and details as you go down the implementation path.

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