Performance Monitoring and Stress Testing

Improve Communications System Performance to Give Customers a Superior Service Experience

Evaluate New Technologies on Your Network to Help Ensure Optimal Network Performance

  • Help ensure your customers won’t be adversely impacted by new application glitches or unresolved network issues. When customers contact a business, they expect a prompt response and satisfying experience.
  • Fully evaluate the network performance of your business-critical applications with stress testing. No matter the size or complexity of your communications network, it’s important to test thoroughly before rolling out new applications, to be sure they work as designed in your live environment.
  • Call on Avaya to help ensure uninterrupted performance of your communications network from end to end, including any equipment and applications you have. By continually monitoring service levels and addressing issues before they become problems, you can improve your customers’ experiences, reduce customer defections, and create a positive impression of your brand.
Avaya Stress Testing Service

Stress Testing for Your Environment

Gauge the capabilities of your communications network by analyzing and verifying performance and interoperability, identifying any issues before you roll out a solution. Minimize any worries about malfunctions by testing with real voice and data packets through industry-leading test engines. The Stress Testing Service includes testing routing under different load conditions, call volume scalability, and data delivery performance.

Avaya Network Performance Monitoring

Keep Tabs on Every Aspect of Your Network’s Performance

Ongoing active and passive monitoring techniques help ensure that your system always behaves predictably. With Avaya Performance Monitoring you are alerted to potential problems before customers are affected. Passive monitoring queries network elements and uses embedded probes, software tools, and patented technologies to report on and benchmark system performance. Active monitoring goes beyond observing system performance: real calls are placed into the system and emulate user behavior in realistic scenarios.

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