Customer Engagement Transformation

Balancing Customer Delight with Tangible Business Results

Enhance Your Customer Experience While Fundamentally Changing Your Contact Center Practices

  • Achieve demonstrated improvements in business performance, service delivery, and customer and employee satisfaction. Transform your contact center with a change in mindset, leadership commitment, and organizational alignment.
  • Migrate from a voice-centric model to omnichannel and web-based systems. Re-channel agent knowledge and skills to address expansion and better service. Help everyone break away from constantly—and sometimes slowly—resolving the same problems for customer after customer.
  • Make it fast and easy for customers to collaborate with live agents when neededand to escalate emergencies without delay.
  • Get the skills, guidance, and resources you need to make a big difference in your contact center operations that can lead to a big difference in the quality of your customer experience.
Customer Engagement Transformation

Shift Agents to a Higher Level of Customer Care

Letting your live agents answer known questions repeatedly is expensive. Instead, enable agents to tackle new opportunities, and after the inquiries are addressed, publish solutions to a customer service knowledge management system. In Avaya’s experience, this approach is more engaging for agents and results in higher employee satisfaction and retention rates, as well as productivity increases and cost reductions. Note that typically these new advantages require both cultural and organizational changes.

Customer Engagement Transformation

Give Customers Easy, Intuitive Access to Known Solutions

Advanced knowledge management systems can be structured to automatically prioritize articles, sending the freshest and most viewed to the forefront. A virtual attendant can mimic a Tier 1 agent, fielding customer questions and quickly accessing relevant articles in the system. Satisfaction levels can increase when customers have greater control and can resolve their own issues quickly. Cut the complaints from customers about having to wait in call queues, be transferred from agent to agent, or repeat information multiple times.

Customer Engagement Transformation

Reinvent Your Customer Web Portal

A major part of transforming customer engagement is establishing ways for customers to resolve issues and find answers on their own. You can help customers troubleshoot and diagnose problems, get product specifications, or manage their accounts—all without interacting with your agents. Two factors are critical: The customer tools must be quick to access, intuitive, and highly effective. And for customers who still want agent support, multiple interaction channels like web chat, voice and video must be available. This multi-layered approach is operationally efficient and produces markedly higher customer satisfaction levels.

Customer Engagement Transformation

Make it Fast and Easy to Reach Your Live Agents

For urgent and unfamiliar issues, customers want easy access to live agents who can help quickly. Create an operating model that includes a web channel for contacting you, and then intelligently route customers to the appropriate skilled agent. Agents must have the tools to gather other resources as necessary to quickly assess, diagnose, and resolve hot issues. These capabilities produce multiple benefits, including improved customer experience and employee satisfaction.

Customer Engagement Transformation

Provide an Escalation Path

Your web portal should give customers immediate, collaborative support for serious issues. Build a rapid escalation process that can be initiated by customers, field personnel, agents, and business partners. This capability can accelerate problem resolution and discourage customers from bypassing the system and contacting senior executives. Escalation schemes can be established for operational issues, agent performance reports, or sales department queries about pricing, quotes, and other needs.

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