Contact Center Optimization

Build a Better Customer Experience by Improving Contact Center Operations


Strategy and Tactics for Your New Operations Model

  • Transform how customers experience support and purchasing from your company. Streamline contact center operations and increase agent productivity.
  • Design a new contact center, refine the performance of your existing center, or introduce an entirely new contact center service or channel. Working with Avaya specialists, you’ll gain a deep assessment of your current environment, identify steps to meet operational objectives, and build the business case for new capabilities.
  • Define operational improvements to your contact center and deploy integrated software applications. Also, develop a comprehensive roadmap that evolves with your contact center—all with the support of experienced strategic and application consultants.

Manage Operations and Performance

Learn how to enhance your contact center through an in-depth discovery and analysis of your current contact center business, operations, and organizational culture, and identify goals for your desired future model of operations. Benchmarking your performance using 25 common key performance indicators(KPIs) reveals which KPIs can help you best manage your contact center. You’ll also see where you have gaps—rely on Avaya to coach you on strategies to address them.

Evaluating Agent Performance with Avaya Contact Center Optimization

Focus on Agent Performance

Traditional metrics for gauging contact center agent performance, while sophisticated, may not reveal all improvement opportunities. You often need to dig deeper by reviewing agent processes, procedures, and technical capabilities. When you need to evaluate recent functionality updates, want a fresh perspective on call-flow design, or create a virtual environment, turn to the experts to help define metrics, benchmarking methods, call routing designs, and call reports.

Avaya Speech Recognition Solutions for Contact Centers

Automate Experience Management

Automated self-service systems need regular review and fine-tuning to feed continual improvement. Leveraging sophisticated tools and deep knowledge shows where automated self-service applications can be enhanced to help you deliver services at lower costs. For example, optimizing touch-tone and speech recognition solutions could help improve caller satisfaction, increase calls handled, shorten hold times, and reduce contact center costs.

Avaya Call Center Analytics

Keep an Eye on Performance and Analytics

Quality monitoring across the contact center is critical to developing an optimal customer experience. Examine your business drivers and goals and map them to quality-monitoring evaluations and scoring schemes. Track alignment of quality initiatives to corporate, contact center, agent, and customer objectives—all with professional guidance, methodology, and meaningful evaluations.

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Avaya Professional Services

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Avaya Oceana™ Solution
Avaya Oceana™ Solution

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The Essential Guide to Avoiding Network Outages

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