Cloud Transformation Services

Find the Right Cloud Communications Strategy, Migration Path, and Integration Approach

See if a Cloud Model is Right for You and Which Cloud Path You Should Take

  • Benefit from expert guidance in defining the best way to achieve your cloud strategic initiatives. Avaya’s Strategic Consultants and Advanced Solution Architects specialize in business strategy, solution road mapping, and operational improvements. Both enterprises and cloud service providers can have expert business and technical leadership for all design, implementation, and solution integration within their communication environment.
  • For enterprises, determine if a cloud model is right for you and, if so, which model makes the most sense. A detailed business plan identifies enhanced services through cloud deployments, focusing on your investment priorities and determining ROI and strategic communications benefits.
  • For service providers, find the expertise to build a successful and profitable cloud-based communications business model—from initial planning to roll out—based on a clear set of business requirements.
Avaya Consultants Conduct a Cost/Benefit Analysis of Cloud Communications Delivery Options

Is the Cloud the Right Communication Strategy for Your Business?

Assess and determine the optimal communications delivery model for your organization based on business, financial, and operational needs. Highly experienced consultants conduct a cost/benefit analysis of communications delivery options in the context of your business, create an executive summary for internal stakeholders, and make recommendations based on empirical evidence.

Avaya Helps You Choose Your Cloud Strategy

Which Cloud Transformation Option is Best for You?

Once you determine that a cloud strategy is right for you, formulate the optimum approach and identify steps to move in that direction. Your questions and concerns about cloud services, including security and privacy, service levels, integration of cloud with your existing systems, and network readiness, performance, and reliability are all addressed. The operational steps to migrate your applications to the cloud are also included.

Avaya Provides an Architectural Design and Integration Plan for Your Cloud Communications Solution

Bringing the Best Cloud Solution to Existing Business Applications

An architectural design and integration plan defines communications integration of the recommended cloud solution with your business processes and back-office applications, such as ERP and CRM systems, databases, e-mail, collaboration suite, and contact center applications. These services are available regardless of which type of cloud communications solution you choose—managed cloud, fully hosted cloud, or a hybrid approach.

Guidance for Cloud Service Providers to Hosted Cloud-Based Communications

Hosted Cloud Communications for Service Providers

For cloud service providers, get expert guidance and support to host cloud-based communications applications for your enterprise clients. Develop a hosted model and design a specific solution that meets your business needs and the needs of your enterprise clients. Rely on proven resources to help you implement and launch the solution.

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