Advisory Services

Strategic Consulting Aligns Communications with Business Priorities


Bridge the Divide Between Business Strategies and Communication Solutions

  • Assess how collaboration and contact center solutions can enhance your business communications. Then, define and create a tight alignment between your communications capabilities and your business goals.
  • Realize increased efficiency and productivity while reducing operational and capital expense. It’s possible when you tie your business communications are tied to business objectives.
  • Impact your day-to-day operations by having experienced consultants and technical experts analyze your advanced unified communications, SIP, and multimedia contact center technologies.
Avaya Business Strategy Assessment

Business Strategy Assessment

A comprehensive assessment derived from meeting with your functional and business unit leaders reveals what the groups do, what communications issues they may have, where they spend money on communications, and how operational performance and costs compare to industry peers. Explore your strategic priorities and determine gaps between those priorities and the way the current communications infrastructure, applications, and operations align with them.

Avaya Communication Architecture Roadmap Development

Roadmap Development

Determine what pieces of your communication architecture can stay in place or be upgraded, and which ones need replacement, through an assessment and documentation of your environment. The objective is to leverage your current investment as long as possible while moving toward your target environment.

Avaya Business Case Development

Business Case Development

The business case quantifies business benefits to both your financial and operational KPIs. It identifies costs, savings, growth, and profitability to give you a comprehensive and accurate picture of the benefits, costs, and risks associated with the proposed solution in the context of your environment.

Avaya Operational Planning Services

Operational Planning

Create a tactical plan for migrating to the new environment. Focus on deploying and supporting the recommended solutions in the desired time frame, with the least disruption possible to operations. A rigorous project methodology supports global consistency and efficiency, from planning through implementation.

Professional Services
Avaya Professional Services

Maximize the Impact of Your Communications Technology and Applications

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Avaya Learning
Avaya Learning

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The Essential Guide to Avoiding Network Outages

The Essential Guide to Avoiding Network Outages

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