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Avaya Dynamic Routing [PDF]

Avaya Dynamic Routing helps you define and manage the complex customer segmentation and destination selection logic associated with customer engagement solutions, including automated self-service and live agent interaction.

Avaya Dynamic Self Service [PDF]

Dynamic Self Service helps you quickly create and manage inbound and outbound self-service call flows.

Agent for Desktop [PDF]

Avaya Agent for Desktop is a multiplatform, device-agnostic user interface with advanced media capabilities for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX platforms.

Callback Assist [PDF]

To provide an improved customer experience during peak calling times, Callback Assist provides a highly effective solution to provide customers with more options to reach you and your business.

Self-service Market Applications [PDF]

Self-Service Market Applications are inbound speech-recognition-driven applications that automate common, repetitive tasks for contact centers in most industries.

Avaya Proactive Notifications [PDF]

Dynamic two-way contact center interactions that help boost revenue, shrink profit leakage, reduce inbound call volumes and free up agent resources.

Speech Dial [PDF]

Speech Dial is a voice-driven call routing service that enables callers to simply speak the name of a person or department to be connected.

Desktop Wallboard [PDF]

Desktop Wallboard is a highly effective solution for sending real time performance data and instant messages directly to the workstations of individual agents, teams, or the entire contact center.

Advanced Software Applications [PDF]

Avaya Advanced Software Applications can help you individualize your Avaya communications solutions through a range of packaged or fully custom applications. These applications allows you to offer an enhanced customer experience through your contact center with applications such as CRM Connector, packaged Proactive Notifications and integrated Desktop Wallboard, for example. Avaya Software Applications also support collaboration more effectively across your enterprise, improving business processes and providing enhanced services for your employees and customers with applications such as Avaya Notification Solution and Avaya Breeze™ snap-ins, such as Avaya Call Redirection Manager and Avaya Enhanced Caller ID.

Agent Map [PDF]

Agent Map is a real time visual analytics application to enhance customer service and simplify how you manage and support agents.

Avaya Notification Solution [PDF]

With the Avaya Notification Solution, you can transmit critical information and instructions in real-time across your organization to alert the right people at the right time with the right information.

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Application Support Services [PDF]

Many organizations extend the rich functionality of their Avaya communications solutions with Advanced Software Applications tailored to their specific business needs. These types of solutions, designed and deployed by Avaya Professional Services, can help differentiate your company’s brand, address business imperatives and create a competitive advantage.



Avaya and Salesforce – Partnering in Customer Engagement [3:31]

The alliance of Avaya Customer Engagement and Salesforce Service Cloud creates solutions that can help make customer interactions with your company the perfect experience. You can deliver seamless access for your customers and greater contextual awareness for your service teams. Our digital solutions in the cloud help you give customers fast service from knowledgeable agents at every point on their journeys with you. View this short video to see how the integrated solutions of Avaya and Salesforce can help your business.

Avaya Notification Solution for Education [3:11]

Providing a safe and secure environment for student learning has never been more important. With the Avaya Notification Solutions communication tool, schools and campuses can keep staff, faculty, students, and parents informed when incidents occur, including delivering updates as events unfold.

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