Advanced Software Applications

Create Innovative Communications Applications and Services


Tailor Your Avaya Solutions to Deliver Even More Value to Your Enterprise

  • Extend the benefits of your Avaya collaboration and customer experience solutions. Solve your complex, specific business challenges with Avaya software applications, interfaces, and reporting tools that leverage current and innovative communications technologies.
  • Start fast with pre-packaged applications, or get a custom solution built solely for your business requirements. Improve how your employees collaborate with each other and revolutionize the customer experience in your contact center.
  • Enhance your Avaya solution by integrating with other products in multivendor environments, including back-end systems such as web services, databases, CRM applications, and finance systems.
Avaya Software Applications and ROI

Accelerate Your Return on Investment

Leverage best practices and lessons learned from Avaya’s experience in building hundreds of specialized vertical applications for financial services, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, real estate, retail, transportation, utilities, the public sector, and other industries. These modular applications can help accelerate your implementation time and return on investment with your other Avaya solutions such as Avaya Aura® Experience Portal and Proactive Outreach Manager.

Custom Built Software Applications Development

Optimize Your Avaya Solutions

Adapt and fine tune the robust feature sets already built into your Avaya solutions. Build applications that address your specific business objectives and drive true innovation.

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The Essential Guide to Avoiding Network Outages

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