Ventana Research White Paper: Migration to the Hybrid Cloud

FY23 Cloud Global Gartner Newsletter


While many contact center platform vendors are moving to the cloud, not every organization is ready to leave their working on-premises solutions behind. According to Ventana Research: “39% of organizations prefer on-premises analytics and data deployment.”

The innovation journey to optimize your contact center, and simplify your customer experience, doesn’t necessarily need to be a full cloud transition. While this might be the right move for some organizations, others prefer to keep their current on-premises contact center.


If you relate more with the latter, yet want to innovate your contact center to deliver improved experiences for customers and employees, a hybrid cloud model might be right for you. In this report by Ventana Research, analysts cover how a hybrid deployment helps provide a balanced approach to dealing with control, improved performance, and personalized experiences for each occasion.


Download the report today to learn more about how a hybrid model gives organizations access to innovative cloud capabilities without disrupting business outcomes. 23CCS-GL-VEHYWP-PR 23CCS-GL-VEHYWP-PR

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