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Flexible Acquisition Program
The Avaya Networking Flexible Acquisition Program is offered in collaboration with Avaya Financial Services (AFS) to allow customers to rent Avaya Networking equipment, on a monthly basis, with a minimum term commitment.  This program differs from traditional lease options by allowing customers to return the equipment at any time after 12 months providing sufficient notice is given as described below.
With Avaya Networking FAP, the user simply pays for the networking equipment on a monthly basis. The monthly price includes all hardware and software–with the option to purchase desired levels of maintenance, along with installation and professional services. The customer has the ability to increase or decrease capacity as needed, with appropriate notice, to meet the needs of the enterprise.
Intended for companies who want to take advantage of new technologies, who are concerned about future technology evolution or who want to avoid long term commitment to purchased equipment or capitalization of lease obligations, the Flexible Acquisition Program can be an effective way to deploy new network infrastructure.
Please contact your authorized Avaya sales professional for additional information, terms and conditions.
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