Avaya Aura® Application Server 5300

Unified Communications and Collaboration Designed for Government Installations

  • • Enable More Efficient Collaboration
  • • Enhance Military Communications
  • • Integrate Your Communication Platform and Desktop Access Clients
Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite

The Most Widely Used Contact Center Solution in the World

  • • Provide Your Customers with a Seamless Experience Across Channels
  • • Add Lower Cost Customer Service Channels
  • • Improve Your Contact Center Performance

Avaya Aura® Communication Manager

Voice, Video, and Collaboration Starts Here

  • • Communicate and Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere
  • • Reliability at Your Fingertips
  • • Designed for IT and Employees

Avaya Aura® Conferencing

Integrated Conferencing on Any Device

  • • Never Worry About Availability
  • • Save Serious Bandwidth
  • • Simplify Your Life with a Single Conferencing Platform

Avaya Aura® Contact Center

All-in-One Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

  • • A Single Interface for Managing All Customer Interactions
  • • Support Customers' Channel Preferences
  • • Provide a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels
Avaya Aura Experience Portal

Avaya Aura® Experience Portal

Omnichannel Customer Engagement with a Personal Touch

  • • Give Customers the Freedom to Choose
  • • Personalize Your Customer Interactions
  • • Upgrade Customer Experiences Without Upending Your Infrastructure
Avaya Aura Messaging

Avaya Aura® Messaging

Unified Messaging with User Experience Choices and Deployment Flexibility

  • • Maintain Productivity with a Familiar User Interface
  • • Use an Avaya or Microsoft Exchange Message Store
  • • Add a Speech-Based Auto Attendant
Avaya Aura Performance Center and Call Centers

Avaya Aura® Performance Center

End-to-End Reporting and Analytics

  • Analyze the Voice of the Customer
  • Analyze Contact Center Trends
  • Access Information at a Glance

Avaya Aura® Platform

Transform How You Communicate, Collaborate, and Serve Your Customers

  • • Cost Effective
  • • Resilient
  • • Investment Protection
Enterprise Collaboration

Avaya Aura® Solution for Midsize Enterprise

Bring Large-Scale Communication and Collaboration to Your Midsize Company

  • • Large Enterprise Communications Features at a Midmarket Price
  • • The Value of Virtualization
  • • Grow Your Collaboration
Video Conferencing

Avaya Aura® Suite Licensing

Simplify Your Path to Business Collaboration


Avaya Aura® Virtualized Environment

Easily Virtualize Your Avaya Applications

  • • Network Reliability
  • • Flexible Deployment Options
  • • Better TCO Today, Increased ROI Tomorrow
Avaya Ava™

Avaya Ava™

Create Superior Customer Experiences with AI and Machine Learning

Change How People Interact in and with Your Business

Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK

Differentiate Your Brand with Customized Applications Across Your Enterprise

Avaya Breeze

Avaya Breeze™ Platform

Take the Fast Lane to Great Communications Applications

  • • Reinvent Communications
  • • Gain Global-Scale Performance and Reliability
  • • Accelerate Digital Business Innovation

Avaya Client Applications

Extend Avaya Calling and Real-time Collaboration Features to Microsoft® and Browser Based Applications

  • Click to Call
  • High-Definition Video
  • Cross Platform Integration
Avaya Cloud Contact Center

Avaya Cloud Contact Center

Unleash the Power of Conversations to Transform the Customer Experience


Avaya Communicator

Transform How You Interact With Colleagues, Partners, and Customers

  • • Use Communications Without Leaving Your Business Application
  • • A Single Client Experience Makes it Easy
  • • Have Just One Identity
Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Avaya Contact Center Select

A Multi-Channel Contact Center Solution for Avaya IP Office™

Avaya Equinox™ Meetings Online

Avaya Equinox® Meetings Online

Your High-Performance Meeting Room in the Cloud

Avaya Equinox™ Experience

Avaya Equinox™ Experience

Communications for How and Where We Work

Leverage Blended Multichannel Capabilities to Increase the Value of Each Customer Interaction

Avaya IP Office™ Contact Center

A Simple and Robust Omnichannel Contact Center Application for IP Office

  • • Create and Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience
  • • Optimize Business Processes and Customer Routing
  • • Increase Sales Revenue Opportunities

Avaya IP Office™ Platform

A Simple, Powerful, Unified Communications Solution


Avaya IP Office™ in the Cloud

Flexible, Powerful Communications for Midsize Businesses

  • • Start Realizing the Flexible Benefits of the Cloud
  • • Choose Exactly the Solution You Need for Each of Your Employees
  • • Leverage Avaya’s Worldwide Network of IP Office Resellers
Use Your Business Phone to Text Contacts with Avaya

Avaya Messaging Service

Secure Corporate Texting for any Enterprise

  • • Separate Work Communications from Personal Communications
  • • Everyone Can Subscribe—No Hardware Required
  • • Every Text Message is Secure

Avaya Oceana® Solution

Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Avaya Officelinx

Communicate Inside the Applications You Use Every Day

  • • Built for the Cloud
  • • Works with Existing Communications Systems
  • • Maximizes Communications Efficiency
Avaya Pivot Operating Platform

Avaya Pivot™ Operating Platform

Taking on the Everywhere Data Center

Avaya Collaboration Pods

Avaya Pod Fx™

Enable Cloud-Based Communications from a Single Rack of Equipment

  • • Virtualization Simplified and Ready to Deploy
  • • Slash Total Cost of Ownership in Half
  • • Reduce Time to Service

Avaya Scopia® Desktop and Mobile Applications

Face-to-Face Collaboration in Your Mobile World and on Your Desktop

  • • Rich User Experience
  • • Simplicity Fuels Usage
  • • Affordability—What Everyone Needs

Avaya Scopia® Video Conferencing Infrastructure

Advanced Solutions for Now and into the Future

  • • Unmatched Density and Scale
  • • Video Conferencing and UC Interoperability
  • • Unified Central Management

Avaya Scopia® XT Video Conferencing

The Latest in HD Video Collaboration Room Systems and Capabilities

  • • Invest in the Most Powerful Video Technology
  • • Study the Cost Effectiveness
  • • Keep it Simple

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise

Greater Security for Your Unified Communications Solutions

  • • Increased Remote Security for Any Employee, Any Device
  • • Easy to Install, Simple to Provision
  • • Multi-Tiered Networks
Avaya Snapp Store

Avaya Snapp Store

Download and Buy Snap-ins

Avaya Spaces

Meetings. Conversations. Work. Everything happens in Spaces.

 Avaya Surge™ Solution

Avaya Surge™ Solution

Making IoT Easy

  • • Mitigate Breaches
  • • Accelerate Network Innovation
  • • Leverage Actionable Insights

Avaya Workforce Optimization

A Deeper, More Meaningful Look at Customer Interactions

Avaya one-X Communicator Access

Avaya one-X® Communicator

Unified Communications Client Provides Simple, Intuitive Access to Everyday Communications Tools

  • Efficient Communication
  • High-Definition Video
  • Mobile Flexibility
Avaya one-X Mobile

Avaya one-X® Mobile

Unified Communications Tools for Your Mobile Employees

  • Productivity Boosters
  • Unified Communications for Every User
  • Money Saver

AvayaLive™ Connect

Hosted Voice over IP and Unified Communications

  • • Get More Connected and Organized
  • • Save with a Cloud-Hosted Solution
  • • Don’t Miss Important Calls

AvayaLive™ Engage

Enter a Virtual 3D World of Web Collaboration and Online Learning

  • • Reduce Costs
  • • Improve Business Agility
  • • Increase Productivity

AvayaLive™ Video

Maximize the Reach and Impact of Video at a Low Cost and Low Risk

  • • Easy, Self-Service Cloud Delivery
  • • Saving Money, Time, Resources
  • • Universal, Secure Connectivity
Avaya CCaaS - Contact Center as a Service


Choice and Flexibility for Your Cloud Services Offerings

  • • Get Avaya’s Rich Heritage in Cloud Solutions
  • • Get Started with Low Start-Up Costs and Low-Risk Managed Growth
  • • Create a Differentiated Contact Center Offering
Get More Out of Your Collaboration Tools

Cloud Application Link

Put Communications in Your Everyday Applications and Workflows

  • • Leverage Your Existing Communications
  • • Reduce IT Spending
  • • Make Communication Tools More Accessible and Available
Ingenuity in the Cloud

Cloud Wireless LAN

Easily Manage, Operate, and Secure your Wireless LAN

  • • Use a Single Management Console, the Ultimate in Simplicity
  • • Depend on System Resiliency for Mission-Critical Applications
  • • Accommodate Massive Scalability

Communication Server 1000

Upgrade Your Avaya/Nortel Solution Now with our Outstanding Offer

Conference Phones

Conference Phones

Sleek and Sophisticated Conference Phones

  • Crystal Clear Audio
  • Plug and Play Simplicity
  • Built-in Efficiency
Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager

Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus

Streamlined Configuration, Provisioning, and Troubleshooting for Devices and Technologies

  • • Centralized Network Management and Device Provisioning
  • • Support for Multiple Users
  • • Easy Set Up

Control Manager

Centralized Administration and Management for Your Avaya Contact Centers

  • • One Admin Tool for All Avaya Contact Center Products
  • • No Technical Expertise Required
  • • No Instructions Needed
Avaya Customer Connections

Customer Connections

Video, Web, and Social Media Customer Service Applications for the Contact Center

  • • Support Web, Video, and Social Media Customer Service
  • • Turn Agents into Quick-Thinking Problem Solvers
  • • Enrich Contact Between Customers and Agents
Avaya Phone Systems

Devices & Phones

Avaya Business Telephones Portfolio


Engagement Development Platform

A Breakthrough Application Development Platform

  • • Single, Integrated Environment
  • • No Prerequisites
  • • Full Integration with the Avaya Aura® Platform

Ethernet Routing Switch 3000 Series

Enterprise-Class Features for Small to Midsize Businesses

  • • Simple to Operate
  • • Cost Effective
  • • Easy Set-Up for Avaya IP Office

Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series

Intelligent Stacking for the Network Edge

  • • Smooth Implementation
  • • Solid Performance
  • • Superior Energy Efficiency
Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series

Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series

Premium Stackable Chassis for the Network Edge

  • • Improve Application Responsiveness
  • • Versatile Deployment Options
  • • Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 Series

Versatility and Reliability for the Network Core

  • • Versatile Deployment
  • • Optimize Wireless LANs and BYOD Environments
  • • Add Performance as You Need It

Fabric Connect

Cut Costs and Improve Agility with a Virtual Network Solution

  • • Be More Agile
  • • Eliminate Complexity
  • • Improve Network Uptime
Avaya Fabric Orchestrator

Fabric Orchestrator

Automate Your Network

  • • Enable One Operational Model
  • • Eliminate Manual Processes
  • • Build for the Future with Open-Source Technologies

Identity Engines Portfolio

More Secure Network Access for Employees’ Personal Devices

  • • Cover All the Bases
  • • Access Control Management Made Simple
  • • Welcome Your Guests
Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing Man With Phone

Intelligent Customer Routing

A Personalized Experience for Every Customer

  • • Give Customers a Superior User Experience
  • • Lower Deployment and Operating Costs
  • • Preserve Existing Investments
Avaya Interaction Center for Customer Experience Management Software

Interaction Center

Avaya Software Delivers Multichannel Contact Center Services and Support

  • • Add Lower-Cost Customer Service Channels
  • • Analyze Customer Service Data to Improve Your Contact Center Performance
  • • Provide Your Customers with a Seamless Experience Across Channels
Shift to Instant Messaging and Ad-Hoc Communications with Multimedia Messaging

Multimedia Messaging

Support the Shift to Instant Messaging and Ad-Hoc Communications

  • • Rich User Experience
  • • Efficient Team Interactions
  • • Enterprise-Class Solution
Open Networking Adapters

Open Networking Adapters

Seamlessly Transform Conventional Endpoints into Intelligent Open Network Nodes 

  • • Automate Device Attachment
  • • Virtualize Crucial Assets
  • • Simplify Solution Deployment
Contact Management Software Avaya Outbound Contact Express

Outbound Contact Express

Turnkey Outbound Dialing to Your Customer Base

  • Install and Deploy Quickly and Easily
  • Build an All-Star Team of Agents
  • Shorten the Learning Curve for Agents and IT
Hybrid Cloud Solutions Powered by Avaya IP Office

Powered by Avaya IP Office™

Make a Fast, Flexible Transition to the Hybrid Cloud

  • • Satisfy the Growing Demand for as-a-Service Solutions
  • • Seamlessly Integrate and Migrate Among Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid
  • • Leverage Your Investment
Proactive Outreach Manager

Proactive Contact

Create and Manage Outbound Campaigns and Customer Communications

  • • Deliver the Maximum Number of Live Calls to Your Agents
  • • Optimize Your Agents’ Time
  • • Increase Your Operational Productivity with Blending
Avaya Proactive Contact Predictive Dialing

Proactive Outreach Manager

Proactive Customer Service via Any Channel

  • • Add Mobile Campaigns that Complement Current Campaigns
  • • Deliver Valuable Information While Cutting Costs
  • • Collect Revenue Faster and Shrink Recovery Costs

SDN Fx™ Architecture

Simplicity Everywhere—from Data Center to Network Edge

  • • Deploy New Technology Fast, Simply
  • • Be More Secure with Automated Network Segmentation
  • • Use Advanced Technology to Gain a Market Advantage
Doctor Checks Data - Avaya Healthcare Solutions SDN Fx

SDN Fx™ Healthcare

Your On Ramp to the Internet of Things for Healthcare

  • • Deliver New Innovation Fast
  • • Achieve Greater Efficiency and Lower Costs
  • • Focus Your IT Resources Strategically

Secure Routers

Flexible, High-Performance Voice and Data Communications for Branch Offices

  • Reliably Connect Your Branch Sites
  • Eliminate Multiple Branch Networking Devices
  • Deliver Resilient VoIP Service for Branch Users
Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

Advanced Phonetic Speech Tools

  • Optimize Internal Processes
  • Help Ensure Compliance to Regulations and Policies
  • Identify New Market Opportunities
UCaaS Unified Communications as a Service


Your Own Avaya-Powered Solution for Enterprise Customers

  • • Single, Scalable Platform Based on Avaya Aura®
  • • Utility Pricing
  • • Multi-Tenancy with a Single, Centralized Administration Overlay
Avaya VDI Communicator

VDI Communicator

Virtual Desktop Communications

  • • UC with a Software-Only Solution
  • • Open Architecture
  • • Simplified Deployment
Avaya VaaS - HD Video as a Service


High-Quality HD Video Conferencing for Your Customers

  • • Out-of-the Box Multi-Tenancy
  • • Extensive Accessibility and Interoperability
  • • Utility Pricing

Virtual Services Platform 4000 Series

Edge Device for Fabrics, Multiple Services, and Multiple Tenants

  • • Simplify Your Network with Fabric Connectivity
  • • Deliver New Business Services Faster
  • • Deploy One Technology for All Your Network Services

Virtual Services Platform 7000 Series

Boost the Performance of Your Applications and Improve Your Time to Service

  • • Empower Next-Generation Applications
  • • Slash Life Cycle Costs
  • • Change the Way that you Change
Avaya Virtual Services Platform7200 Series

Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series

Maximize the Performance of Your Applications

  • • Maximize Application Performance
  • • Revitalize Your Core
  • • Automate Your Life Cycle
Avaya Virtualization Technologies Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series

Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series

Transition Your Network Core from Complex to Simple

  • • Deliver More Of What Your Business Needs
  • • Reduce Your Costs, From Day One
  • • End the Network Waiting Game
Virtual Services Platform 8600 Series

Virtual Services Platform 8600 Series

Your Network Foundation, Reimagined with Your Business in Mind

  • • One Platform, Multiple Solutions
  • • Right-Sized for Today's Networks
  • • Lowers the Barriers to Entry

Virtual Services Platform 9000 Series

Take Your Network and Applications to a New Level of Reliability

  • • Evergreen Application Performance
  • • Hardened and Resilient for Maximum Availability
  • • Revolutionize Service Delivery
Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus

Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus

Manage Your Whole Network End to End

  • • Gain End-to-End Visibility to Your Multi-Vendor Environment
  • • Manage Network Faults and Performance
  • • See Significant Benefits for Business Efficiency
Avaya Wireless LAN Controller

Wireless LAN 8100

Anytime, Anywhere Wireless Access to the Network

  • • Proven Voice and Video Scalability
  • • Certified Quality of Service
  • • Lower TCO

Wireless LAN 9100

Superior Application Performance

  • • Take Control with Application Control
  • • Advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Management
  • • Keep Up With Business Growth
Workforce Optimization Select

Workforce Optimization Select

Gather, Measure, and Analyze Your Customer Interactions

  • • Learn from Each Customer Interaction
  • • Get Enterprise-Level Capabilities at a Price made for Midsize Business Budgets
  • • Take Advantage of Seamless Integration with Avaya Customer Engagement Platforms

Zang™ Cloud

Imagine what you can transform with cloud-based development.

Zang™ Office

This cloud-based phone service fits how you run your business.

Zang™ Workflow

The Easiest Way for Businesses to Build Communication Apps



Bring Your Contact Center and Unified Communications as a Service to Market Quickly

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