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Whether it's on premises, or in a public, private, or hybrid cloud, we've got you covered. With one of the broadest business phone and device portfolios in the industry, we can help you get the most out of your UC investments.

The right tools make all the difference. With Avaya smart phones, multimedia devices and conferencing systems, you can step up collaboration and productivity while you incorporate future innovation. We help you bring consumer technology to the employee desktop in a way that makes sense for your business.


Over 130 million lines sold


Avaya research shows that 42% of workers believe that personalized devices improve productivity

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Given the best tools, your team can increase collaboration, productivity, and job satisfaction—and that translates into better customer service and satisfaction. We’ve got the right communications devices for every work style and location.

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Avaya Phones and Devices

Smart Phones and Devices Products

Desktop Phones

Turns out business users still prefer desktop phones. Our phones deliver exceptional reliability, scalable provisioning, and support to unlock the full potential of Avaya and approved third-party UC platforms.

Multimedia Devices

It’s time to reimagine what a desktop phone can do. Avaya Vantage offers one-touch and voice-controlled audio, video and text, and an all-glass touchscreen with millions of cloud-based apps available at the touch of a finger.

Wireless Handsets

Your employees are on the go, so you need to keep everyone connected and productive as they move across your building or campus. Our wireless handsets integrate into our solutions, so you can easily take desktop communications mobile.

Conference Phones

Your teams should focus on their meetings, not making the conferencing device work. Our easy-to-use devices have superior HD audio and crystal-clear Avaya OmniSound technology for any size meeting room.

Huddle Rooms

In business life, grabbing a quick, impromptu meeting keeps work humming. Our all-in-one meeting solution is perfect for bringing together a small team of people from different locations. It’s huddle time!

Video Systems

Get people talking “face to face.” Elevate your business communications with enterprise-class video conferencing that’s perfect for every business—from mom and pop to large and global.


First and foremost, your headset has to enable you to hear the conversation or presentation, no matter where you’re working. Avaya headsets have amazing sound, and thanks to our-patented AcousticEdge Technology, your hearing is protected too.

Subscription Option

Our subscription model lets you pay only for the on-premises software and services you’re actually using. With Avaya Subscription, sign up your current users and agents. Flex the plan to add more support and more users as your business grows.

Why Avaya

Global Experience

Global Experience

Avaya has deployed over 130 million devices around the world to date, and we keep innovating to bring you the best tools for your teams.

Innovation and Investment

Innovation and Investment

Your employees bring expectations from their personal lives, so we’re bringing you consumer-style smart phones that make sense for your business. And we continue to invest and reinvent to help you stay on the leading edge.

Open Ecosystem

Open Ecosystem

Our open SIP devices support Avaya and approved third-party UC platforms, and we integrate with the apps that connect your business. Developers can use our Client SDK to define the user experience and create industry customization.

Breadth of Portfolio

Whether it's on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid model, we’ve got you covered. With one of the broadest business phone and device portfolios in the industry, we can help you get the most out of your UC investments.














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