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Award-Winning Workforce Engagement for Innovative Customer Experiences

Connect resources, insights, and knowledge in real time to deliver more personalized service to today’s “everything customer”—who expects you to adapt instantly to their current need. We can help with that. Frost and Sullivan says our progressive AI-infused solution makes us the clear leader in transforming experiences.

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Get the Very Best For and From Your Employees

Any contact center is only as good as its employees. With the right workforce engagement tools, you can recruit, onboard, engage, develop, motivate, empower, mentor and retain employees—so they become true brand ambassadors.

Streamline Work

Easier work means better outcomes. By providing employees with all the tools they need in one place, whether working in the office, at home, or anywhere, performance levels skyrocket.

Redefine the Employee Experience

Empowered employees make better decisions. Ensure employees have the customer insights they need to deliver the best experience.

Retain Quality Employees

Keep your team happy and motivated. Attrition prevents progress, but when employees have a superior experience, they are more likely to stay. Keep employees engaged with flexible tools and mobile access.

Being in a call center is stressful all by itself. Workforce management relieves some of the stress because it gives our employees options.

Denise Munson

Operations Manager Healthplex

Blog: Why Frost & Sullivan Places Avaya as the Clear Leader in Workforce Engagement

Every great customer experience is backed by a great employee experience. A productive, empowered workforce spanning from your front line to your back offices enables excellence in customer services. And Avaya leads the industry with the expertise and technology to transform how your workforce engages.

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What You Can Do With Avaya

Simplify with an Integrated Desktop

Put everything employees want in one place. Provide employees with a consolidated, simplified desktop view of everything they need across all voice and digital channels. Connect your CRM application to get the best of both worlds.

Deliver More with Artificial Intelligence

Be ready for whatever customers might want next. Increase employee performance in real time by delivering prompts, initiating workflow actions, and enhancing compliance based on spoken words or phrases.

Simplify Employee Staffing

Create employee schedules to help meet daily and long-term workloads consistently and cost effectively, while accommodating employee preferences. Monitor adherence to schedules and intra-day trends for quick action.

Reduce After-Call Work

Automatically transcribe voice interactions to help employees focus on building customer relationships while creating extra capacity by reducing after-call work.

Get More from Call and Screen Recording

Full-time, enterprise recording and archiving application to help enhance compliance, reduce liability, improve employee performance and support customer engagement.

Maximize Performance

Create an even stronger team. Improve interactions and identify skills gaps using quality management and advanced scoreboards to track, manage, and improve team performance, including gamification, coaching, and eLearning.

The Art of the Possible

Take an in-depth look at how Avaya can help you simplify, modernize, and automate your customer journey to build customer loyalty.


Find Out How Much You Could Save with Avaya

Our Workforce Engagement Savings Calculator looks at how your customer contact team is working now and predicts your potential savings if you update with Avaya. It’s all about improving productivity and processes. Changes that can really add up.

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