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Smarter Tools, Better Experiences

To meet the high expectations of today’s customers, employees need twice as many hands and four times the brainpower. With AI infused into Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, your employees have the right answers, every time.

Create Smarter Interactions

Eliminate disjointed customer and employee experiences with a cloud-based contact center. Enable employees to focus on creating long-term customer relationships by providing all relevant information on a single screen.

Improve Brand Loyalty

Create customer relationships that last. By intelligently matching employees with customers, inquiries are answered faster and with the right level of knowledge, leading to happier customers.

Give Employees the Right Tools

Help employees do their most important job—interacting with customers—thanks to built-in real-time AI tools that provide employees guidance and prompts during interactions.

AI Takes the Spotlight in Our 600th Contact Center Patent

Our newly patented chatbot technology lets virtual agents work via voice, text and chat to serve customers. Infused into your Avaya OneCloud CCaaS solution, this AI helps you provide more seamless, predictive, personalized experiences to all.

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AI Takes the Spotlight in Our 600th Contact Center Patent

It was important to us that we applied AI in a meaningful and intentional way to improve the customer experience and drive new efficiency gains. The AI transcription capabilities with the Avaya Conversational Intelligence solution have been a game-changer.

Michael Flodin

President, Atento


Atento Raises the Stakes with AI, Sets the Bar for CRM Providers

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What You Can Do With Avaya

Create Better Call Outcomes

It’s time for better outcomes. Powerful, AI-driven speech-to-text transcriptions can help increase employee performance in real time by delivering prompts and suggestions based on words or phrases spoken.

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Quicker Responses, Greater Results

Move beyond traditional IVR. AI-enabled virtual agents deliver conversational, 24/7 customer support and connect customers with a live agent, if needed. Employees receive conversation details with prompts and step-by-step guidance to solve customer inquiries.

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Give the Right Answers

Deliver the right knowledge to employees and customers via self-service. Create a better experience, increase first-contact resolution, and improve the consistency and quality of answers.

Changing Your Customer Experience with Avaya Conversational Intelligence

Transform Customer Engagement When it Counts the Most

Frost & Sullivan reports on a game-changing approach to leveraging AI in real-time to improve your customer experience. 

Maximize Customer and Brand Loyalty

Create better call outcomes: automatically transcribe voice conversations, which reveal real-time actions you can take to improve your customer experience.

How Avaya Infuses AI into the Contact Center

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AI in the Contact Center

The AI Powered Contact Center

Artificial Intelligence is already impacting virtually all facets of our lives:  everything from our newsfeeds to...

Thomas Smith

March 24 3 min read

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3 Ways Contact Center AI is Changing Staffing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has fundamentally evolved call center technology and the way employees work in the contact...

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Conversational AI for CX: What, Why, and How

Conversational AI for CX: What, Why, and How

According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Contact Center Survey, 56% of companies believe that Artificial Intelligence...

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Genetic Algorithms in the Contact Center

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term we hear repeatedly in the context of innovative technologies. Underneath that...

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Using AI Routing to find your contact center soulmate

Using AI Routing to Find Your Contact Center Soulmate

The contact center is full of personality, with both customers and agents having their own unique traits and behaviors....

Paul Lang

February 04 3 min read











Power Your Contact Center with AI

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