Avaya Spaces Use Cases


Here are just a few ways that we’re using Avaya Spaces, and how others are finding ways to make their communications more seamless.

Connect Remote Teams

People work from everywhere. But if you need to work when you're on a train, from home, or on vacation (don't do that last one), shouldn't the experience be more effortless?

Track Projects

Organize and track the progress of projects. Stop running around the office trying to figure out if Steve, Joanne and Kim have finished their tasks. Know exactly who's done what at any given time.

Limit Time-Consuming Meetings

Meetings are a good time if there's food. However, if you just need a quick answer to a question and input from lots of people—but don't have time to stop what you're doing—we got you.

Create a Training Repository

Whether it's information for new people, reminders of how things should be done, or best practices collected over years of experience, it needs a good place to live.

  • Answer RFPs
    Keep track of RFP responses and other information about your targets so you can spend more time schmoozing them, not trying to find the latest version of a presentation.
  • Create a Sales Department Repository
    For a department as crucial as sales, you have to stay organized to maximize your time—and you want to be able to share information as much as possible.
  • Host Client & Internal Meetings
    Instead of trying to get everyone in one room at the same time, why not try a teleconference? Bring people in, share your screen, and take notes.
  • Build an On-Boarding Library
    Create an on-boarding repository for new employees and departments. Start newbies off on the right foot with information organized by topic or group.
  • Organize and Track FAQs
    From the best places to grab a sandwich to how health benefits work, it's a good idea to keep this information as handy as possible.
  • Collaborate on Projects
    When creative minds get together, projects often sing—but it can also be difficult to keep those creative ideas organized. With Zang Spaces, you can brainstorm, ideate and iterate—all in one place.
  • Track Task Completion
    Don't wonder. Really know that something was done and is ready for the next step—without asking and without delays. See contextual information at a glance, so the work can progress smoothly and seamlessly.


Share Ideas & Code

Developers hit "Copy/Paste" a lot. We get it. Find out what works, or find the person who's figured it out, and make it work for you.

Connect Remote Workers

Developers are more likely than say, HR, to work from home, be a contract employee and have multiple clients. Make it easy for you and for them to communicate, collaborate, share information and track project progress.


Keep Track of Lunch Orders

You might have an office vegan. And if you don't, then you have to remember who's gluten-free. It's a fact of life. Keep track of what everyone wants (and doesn't want) from every restaurant in one place.

Plan Work Outings

Collect ideas, ask when people are available, and schedule that after-work happy hour already! No one dislikes getting invited to partake in some drink and food.

Organize a Fantasy League

How else can you heckle your co-workers—and also track who's paid up, who wants to join, and who volunteered to host a watch party?


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