Spaces Service Description Document
Last Update: Jun 22, 2018


The Avaya Spaces service provides an online space for teams to create unlimited rooms where users can message, share content and engage in voice or video real time communications. The Avaya Spaces service is accessible from any Avaya Spaces mobile or browser client. Additional features are available, depending on the purchased license selection or bundled offers with other Avaya Cloud services or applications.

Terms of Use

The terms of use for Avaya Spaces is available at and must be agreed to prior to your usage of the product. This document supplements the content found in the agreed terms.


Product Features

The following chart describes the included features at each named user license level. A user license is tied to a single Avaya Cloud Identity account (obtained at Feature additions may be added in the future at specific tiers and changes to the licensed features may occur at a given time with notice described in the Terms of Use document.

Features and Functionality
License Level
X = included
O = add-on option
- = not included
  Free Plus Business
Space Creation and Management X X X
Single Sign On (Avaya Cloud Identity) X X X
Administrative Management - - X
Online Support
1 online support request per month for Basic, 5 for Team, Unlimited for Business
X (1) X (5) X (∞)
Live Support (Phone) - - X
Web Application Access X X X
Mobile Application Access
Available for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices
Room Messaging X X X
Direct Messaging X X X
File Sharing
Up to 1 GB at Basic tier and Unlimited* at Team and Business tiers
X (1GB) X (∞) X (∞)
Shared File Previews** - X X
Group Task Management - X X
Online Voice Conference
Up to 5 simultaneous participants at Basic tier, 25 at Team, 60 at Business tiers
X (5) X (25) X (60)
Direct Online Video Calling
1-on-1 video calling with other Avaya Spaces users
Online Video Conference
Up to 15 simultaneous participants at Team, 25 at Business
- X (15) X (25)
Dial-in Capabilities for Online Conferences
Phone number provided for participants to join Online Conference
- O X
Application Integrations
(Agenda, Outlook Plug-in, Google Calendar extension & more)
- X X
Application Programming Interface (API) X X X
API Support - - X
Avaya Spaces chrome extension/Outlook/O365 add-on support - X X

*Unlimited File Sharing feature governed by fair usage clauses in Terms of Service; limited to 200 GB per user

**File previews not available for all file formats (primarily images, Office documents and PDFs are supported)

Purchasing and Licensing


Pricing for Avaya Spaces is based on a per user per month cost model and a free tier is provided. All new Avaya Spaces accounts will be given a trial license at the Team level for a period of no more than 90 days before reverting to the free tier unless a license purchase is made. The 90 day trial is available and valid only once per Avaya Cloud Identity account and its associated e-mail address. Pricing, which is subject to change, is publicly available on the Avaya Spaces landing page located at

Obtaining Licenses

Avaya Spaces is available as subscription licenses for purchase directly from Avaya Cloud. An Avaya Spaces user license is associated to a single Avaya Cloud Identity account. Avaya Cloud Identity accounts are available at no charge to end users at Users may choose to sign up with their email directly or with an existing account via supported identity providers. Avaya Spaces user accounts are individualized and may not be shared or used by anyone other than the one individual to whom a the Avaya Spaces license is assigned. The identification of each Avaya Cloud licensee must be unique to an individual and may not be of a generic nature. Avaya Spaces user licenses at the Business license level can be reassigned to other individuals within the same organization by the organization administrator through the Avaya Spaces Administrative interface. An organization is identified by those sharing the same corporate domain in an e-mail address; not including email address domains available through free services (including but not limited to,,, etc.). Avaya Spaces licenses are valid for the duration of the purchased subscription and additional user licenses may be purchased at any time with prorated charges for the remainder of the billing period added to your subscription payment. Note that renewal of the purchased license subscription may take effect automatically at the end of your subscription period to avoid the interruption of service. Early cancellation may be subject to penalty as outlined in the Terms of Use document.


Avaya Spaces is an active solution in the Avaya Cloud Partner Program for both referral and sales agents (“Avaya Cloud Partners”). Avaya Cloud Partners will be compensated according to their program agreement document. If you purchased Avaya Spaces with the assistance of a Avaya Cloud Sales Agent Partner the initial administration, configuration and onboarding of Avaya Spaces will be performed by the Avaya Cloud Sales Agent Partner and not Avaya Cloud directly.

Collection and Use of Information

Registration Information

When you sign up to use Avaya Spaces, we collect personal information about you, including your name, email address, and profile picture, in addition to a password. We may also collect the name of your employer. We use the described information to enroll you in Avaya Spaces, to display your identity to other users, to notify you about features and updates, to understand how the service is used, to send you marketing communications, and to make improvements to the service and other Avaya Cloud products and services. If you sign up for Avaya Spaces using your work email address, your information will be visible to other users who have the same email domain. When you invite other users to join Avaya Spaces by providing us with their email addresses, we retain those email addresses.

User Generated Information

We collect and retain personal information and other information you upload, provide, or create while using the service (described as “User Generated Information”), including information related to:

  1. Spaces: Activity recorded in the Avaya Space (such as joining or leaving), including activity related to third-party integrations, together with the date, time, person engaged in the activity, the Spaces subject or title, and other participants in the Space
  2. Messages: Message content, sender and recipients, date, time, and read receipts
  3. Content shared: Files and file names, sizes, and types
  4. Voice/Video Conferences: Conference participants, date, time, and duration. We route audio and video call content and screen sharing content between call participants but we do not retain or store the content unless an explicit conference recording feature is used by the user
  5. Meeting invitations: Date, time, participants, and invitation content

We use this information to provide you with the service, which includes a persistent history of your interactions with other users. You should be aware that all messages and content you share in a Space, including personal information about you or others, will be available to all other participants in that Space, including participants who join the Space after you share messages or content. For additional information on retained information policies please refer to the Privacy Policy at Avaya Spaces supports integrations with third-party services and applications. If you choose to add an integration, the third party may share information and content associated with your third-party service or application account with us. We do not receive or store your passwords for these third-party services or applications, although we do store authentication tokens associated with them.



Securing your Information

Avaya Spaces uses multiple security approaches to protect your data.

Client access leveraging OAuth2 Authorization

3-legged OAuth 2.0 protocol is the industry recommended approach for third party applications to authenticate and gain authorization from users to access account information and APIs from cloud or hosted services such as Google Apps, and others. Avaya Cloud has implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) and API access leveraging this method for all client applications including Avaya Spaces. Avaya Cloud supports OAuth authorization flows with several cloud application offerings, as well as the Avaya Cloud Identity cloud based OAuth authorization provider.

Media Encryption

Media encryption is used to protect the audio, video, and screen sharing data that you transmit during a call or conference. When you make a call, media is encrypted from your device to our servers. It is decrypted on our servers so that we can manage the call. It is re-encrypted before being sent to the other participants on the call unless they are connected via the public telephone network (dial in feature). We do not store any call audio, video, or screen sharing data on our servers unless explicitly actioned by a user with recording features. Transport Encryption Transport encryption (also known as HTTPS) is used to protect all connections to and from Avaya Spaces other than voice/video calls. When you register for Avaya Spaces, send messages, share content, connect with third-party services or applications via integrations or otherwise connect to our service, we always use transport encryption.

Mobile and Browser Permissions

Avaya Spaces makes use of a number of features available on mobile device and web browser platforms to support the Avaya Spaces collaboration experience. Depending on which mobile or browser platform you use and which features you use, your application may request or automatically obtain some or all of the following permissions:

  1. Phone, microphone, camera, and audio recording: Avaya Spaces uses access to your device’s phone interface, microphone, and camera to allow you to make audio and video calls. On some devices, the mobile device platform also requires that audio recording permission be obtained so that you can make calls (although we do not automatically record audio). Avaya Spaces will only make use of these permissions when you choose to initiate or receive a call. Camera access is also used to allow you to take photos and share them in a Avaya Space
  2. Screen sharing: Avaya Spaces needs screen sharing permission to allow you to share your screen with other users during a call. Avaya Spaces will only share the screen content that you specify when initiating the action and will only share it with the other users on the call
  3. Files and photos: To make it possible for you to share files and photos with other users, Avaya Spaces requires permission to access files and photos stored on your device
  4. Push notifications: You can choose to allow Avaya Spaces to notify you about new messages and other activity even when you do not have the application open. Required user information is shared with third party push notification services and mobile operators when users allow push notifications
Use of Cookies and Other Web Technologies



When you use Avaya Spaces in your web browser, we use cookies, local storage, and other browser storage technologies to ensure that you can stay logged in until you choose to log out. These technologies may store some level of user identification information and encrypted session information. Cookies are always transmitted using transport encryption.

Support and Service

Avaya Cloud provides multiple levels of support depending on user license level. Online support is available to any user by e-mail. Live support (via voice or chat) is available and provided to those customers at the non-free tiers of Avaya Spaces. Contact Information:
Product Issues or Feature Suggestions:
General Avaya Cloud Support:

When you use the "Help + Feedback" feature of Avaya Spaces or, choose to send a problem report or logs from a device, logs of your activity are automatically shared with us so that we can provide technical support and make product improvements. No content or message text that you send or receive is shared with us, unless you choose to include optional screenshots that display messages or content. The logs are stored unencrypted on your device and, together with screen shots, are sent to us using e-mail from the device being troubleshooted.

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