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Exceed Expectations in Every Customer Interaction

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Next-Generation Contact Center for an Omnichannel World

As your customers interact with you in more ways, the stakes have never been higher. Voice, email, web chat, SMS, social: all offer new opportunities to leave your customers in the warm glow of amazing service—or seething with frustration.

Let Avaya Oceana connect every piece of your customer experience strategy within a unified solution. Maintain a 360° view of your customers wherever, whenever, however they connect. Empower agents to manage all channels through a single, unified workspace. Capture actionable insights to deliver more personalized experiences and build lifetime loyalty.

What Can You Do to Build Customer Lifetime Value?

Personalize Customer Experiences

Tailor engagements to each customer through real-time context across the customer journey.

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Improve Agent Performance

Visualize your customers’ entire relationship with your brand through real-time and historical information, analytics, and interactive customer journey maps.

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Understand Your Data

Capture the most relevant analytics across all touch points.

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Capitalize on Cloud Flexibility

Choose the deployment options (cloud, on-premise, hybrid) and finance models (CAPEX, OPEX) that make sense for your business.

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Biggest pitfalls in customer journey

Each customer interaction holds the potential to build lifetime loyalty—or push your customers into the arms of the competition. The most effective digital companies and contact centers avoid:

  • Asking the same questions, when agents should already know the answer
  • Treating individual interactions in isolation, instead of seeing them as links in a larger customer journey
  • Bogging down agents with a need to swivel between different screens and interfaces to reach customers over different channels
  • Applying analytics to some elements of the customer journey but not others
Customer experience done right

When companies understand the value of personalized, exceptional customer experience, they delight their customers at every interaction.

  • Speed: Customers reach the resource who can help them quickly, automatically, the first time they reach out.
  • Consistency: Customers get a consistent experience regardless of channel, and across multiple channels—launching chat or call from an app, receiving an SMS with a link while on a call, and more.
  • Context: Agents understand each customer’s full journey—across all channels, right now and in the past—the moment an interaction begins.
  • Insight: Advanced analytics parse details from every customer interaction and arm agents with practical insights to quickly understand who the customer is and how they can help.

Experience is Everything. Make Every Engagement Count.

Get the tools, insights, and visibility to deliver exceptional experiences at every stage in the customer journey. By personalizing every customer interaction, Avaya Oceana helps build stronger relationships with your brand.
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5 Steps to start exceeding customer expectations now

1. Understand Your Customer Journeys

Amazing experiences start with visibility—your agents’ ability to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. Rather than sifting through discrete, individual interactions, take an outside-in view with the context to understand the customers’ entire journey.

2. Listen to Your Feet on the Street

Let your agents tell you where the best opportunities lie to personalize experiences and engage with customers on a deeper level.

3. Support Advanced Automation and Analytics

Use new tools like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, and chat bots to drive more personalized, automated, and timely interactions.

4. Break Internal Silos

You may have excellent people and systems in sales, marketing, service, and customer relationship management (CRM). But if they’re not all stitched together seamlessly, your customers’ experience will be disjointed and inconsistent.

5. Bridge the Gaps

The best way to start changing is to… get started. Launch a limited-scale project or proof-of-concept. Collect lots of data. Take it one step at a time and prove your ROI for one case before moving to the next.

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