Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series

Transition Your Network Core from Complex to Simple

Imagine What Your Network Can Do—A Revolutionary New Design Enables Your Vision

  • Leverage sophisticated, latest-generation hardware and flexible virtualization technologies to change how your network operates. Avaya’s Compact Form-Factor (CFF) is an innovation in Ethernet Switching design. The CFF’s die shrink gives you scale-out port density and better power efficiency.
  • Empower your IT team to reduce time spent on keeping-the-lights-on tasks. Instead, focus on simplifying design, redefining your operational model, and empowering service agility.
  • Evolve from inflexible networking devices to an efficient, simpler environment. With the Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series, deliver more—and more reliable—applications that make your business hum.
  • Network virtualization provides simplified support for this Fabric-capable and SDN-ready platform. And flexible interface connectivity enables versatile deployment options.

Deliver More Of What Your Business Needs

Enhance your users’ access to features, functionality, and network availability by leveraging a tight integration between new advanced hardware and proven software inherited from Avaya’s carrier-class Virtual Services Platform 9000 Series.

Reduce Your Costs, From Day One

Lower the costs and increase the benefits that come with your network core. Deliver better port density, improve your price per port, and boost power efficiency. Reduce your maintenance costs and physical footprint.

End the Network Waiting Game

Opt for flexible virtualization technologies to deliver real-time service agility, and to avoid the delays associated with conventional designs and the outages that come with trying to maintain them.

Customer Story
Bullitt County Public Schools

“With our Avaya solution, we’ll be able to enhance the educational value that our teachers and students draw from the Internet.”

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Avaya Virtual Services Platform with Compact Form-Factor

The New Best Practice for Mainstream Networking

A midsize network core traditionally uses oversized Chassis-based Ethernet Switches that can deliver port density, reliability, scalability, and performance—but this solution can also be expensive, complex, and time-consuming to operate. The Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series, with its Compact Form-Factor, brings watershed innovation. Gain a higher port density, a better price per port, and a much lower entry price. Get operational simplicity and reduced operational costs. See the benefits typically associated with large Chassis-based solutions, but none of the penalties.

Virtual Services Platform model 8284XSQ - Ethernet Switches

Right-Sized Options to Right Size Your Core

Get the flexibility to satisfy the many and varied requirements of your business. There’s absolute simplicity in our Virtual Services Platform model 8284XSQ, while there’s future-ready versatility in the Virtual Services Platform 8404 with its range of Ethernet Switch modules. High performance and low latency is assured, and deployment flexibility lets you precisely meet specific requirements without overcapitalizing. Everything is designed and delivered with focus on reducing complexity and enhancing your time to service.

Avaya's Switch Cluster Technology Virtualizes Multiple Devices

Reduced Costs and Improved Resiliency

Always-on networking is delivered by a unified solution, not a single hardware feature. Avaya’s Switch Cluster technology virtualizes multiple devices, making them appear as a single logical system, and providing a physical resiliency aspect to high availability. This helps assure that no single point-of-failure can disrupt dual/multi-homed connectivity, extending high availability across your network and enhancing your resiliency posture. In addition to the various high-availability features offered by premium Chassis-based products, a Switch Cluster solution delivers physical independence and isolated control planes—for process separation, isolation, and greater protection—and supports in-service software upgrades.

Avaya Switch Clustering, Add Network Switches as You Grow

Pay as You Grow

Large Chassis-based solutions often are noted for supporting expansion and scalability—but the assurance comes with costs, including an initial capital outlay, everyday operational burdens, and future expansion components. Instead, leverage Switch Cluster—start with the capacity you need today, and add more Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series Switches as demand grows, integrating multiple devices into a unified system. You’ll have an ultra-cost-effective solution that lets you scale up by simply adding capacity when and where you need it.

Virtualize Your Network with Avaya Fabric Connect

Replace Complexity with Capability

Traditionally, to provision a new service or to change existing ones, you had to touch every device in the path, configuring each device to enable both active and redundant links. Leveraging Avaya Fabric Connect technology to virtualize your network delivers fundamental change. In provisioning, you touch only the specific device that is directly providing service to the application end point—all service attributes are immediately propagated to nodes within the Fabric Connect cloud.

Software Defined Networking and Software-Defined Data Center

Your Future-Ready Network

Part of Avaya’s SDN Fx Architecture, the Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series delivers support for key enabling capabilities. Fabric Attach facilitates the automatic attachment of end-point devices, empowering businesses to dynamically deploy services and devices in a highly virtualized world. Fabric Extend supports the interconnection of the Fabric Connect private cloud over any IP-based network. This enables Fabric Connect’s Ethernet-based value proposition to extend wherever IP connectivity is available.

The World’s Largest Guest Network

Benefits: Enhanced Collaboration, Improved Customer Service, Reduce Cost
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Prepared for the Everywhere Perimeter? Here’s what IT Pros Say about Segmentation

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Cybersecurity through Hyper-Segmentation: a Practical Foundation for Network-wide Security

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See Avaya’s approach to securing your network’s everywhere perimeter.

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