Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series

Maximize the Performance of Your Applications

Make Your Distributed Applications Hum

  • Overcome problems caused by numerous hops and over-subscribed uplinks that occur with distributed applications. Avaya’s Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series delivers low latency and fast throughput to improve the performance of applications for your multiple virtual machines.
  • Minimize performance bottlenecks with Distributed Top-of-Rack technology. High-speed rack-to-rack connectivity sets your applications to run at peak server speed, and helps avoid the penalty of transitioning your network core.
  • Automate the provisioning of your server and virtual machine resources to deliver true application agility. Use Avaya Fabric Connect technology, enhanced with Fabric Attach, to remove manual edge configuration and risky core configuration from your service life cycle. Then applications can dynamically define network connectivity to match their requirements.

Maximize Application Performance

Optimizing the flows among your distributed application components can significantly improve the performance of your applications, improving response times and enhancing the user experience.

Revitalize Your Core

Using our high-performance Distributed Top-of-Rack technology, offload east-west application flows from your Core. You eliminate Core bottlenecks and make it easier for users to connect to their applications.

Automate Your Life Cycle

Retire manual, risky, and time-consuming configuration by letting Avaya Fabric Attach automate virtual machine provisioning for real-time service agility.

Industry Recognition
Avaya Wins TechTarget’s Network Innovation Award

Avaya Wins TechTarget’s Network Innovation Award

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Avaya Data Center Networking

Revolutionized Data Center Networking

Deliver enhanced functionality when you combine our Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series—the industry’s most advanced switching engine—with our feature-rich, operating system software. Leverage our innovative technologies—Distributed Top-of-Rack, Fabric Connect, Fabric Attach, and Switch Cluster—to gain real-time service agility. You’ll avoid the delays associated with conventional techniques and the outages introduced in trying to maintain them.

Optimized Data Center with Avaya's Distributed Top-of-Rack Architecture

Optimized Data Center Management and Architecture

Avaya’s Distributed Top-of-Rack architecture lets you build a distributed, high-performance backplane directly between server racks, creating optimum performance for your distributed applications. Solve many of your most pressing network challenges with this one simple architectural change. Drive the responsiveness and usability of your applications, all without re-engineering them or their compute platforms.

Data Center Infrastructure and Optimization from Avaya

New Life for Your Data Center Core Infrastructure

Offloading vast amounts of server-to-server traffic from your Data Center Core immediately reduces multi-hop latency and applications vying for over-subscribed uplinks. Also benefit from reducing pressure on your Core infrastructure. With your east-west traffic leveraging the Distributed Top-of-Rack, and no longer transiting the Core, it’s like a getting an upgrade for free. Those uplinks are no longer a bottleneck, and you can even rationalize your Core design to make OPEX savings.

Data Center Management and Avaya Fabric Connect

Powerful Self-Aware and Fault-Tolerant Networking

Simplify your network to dynamically empower provisioning of Data Center resources and reduce the strain on your network and personnel. Combine Avaya Fabric Connect with Avaya and third-party orchestration solutions to fully synchronize network provisioning with workload mobility within and between Data Centers. Fabric Connect provides enhanced simplicity, scalability, performance, reliability, and service abstraction and orchestration.

Avaya Fabric Attach Virtualized Data Center

Dynamic Service Deployment in a Highly Virtualized World

Streamline the deployment of your compute resources with Avaya Fabric Attach. Data Center management and operations can be significantly simplified by automating the network services deployed and re-deployed during Virtual Machine life cycle changes. Your Virtual Machines can spin up and dynamically request policy-based, application-specific networking services. Fabric Attach automatically provisions the right networking service as Virtual Machines are involved in life cycle moves between your compute platforms.

Software Defined Networking and Virtual Services Platform 7200

A Simpler, More Agile Network

Applications, devices, and even users can see the network as one big connection point that’s capable of reconfiguring itself when changes are detected. The network handles once-manual functions automatically—so you worry less about configuration and focus more on strategic applications. Avaya makes it possible with our SDN Fx™ Architecture, our Software-Defined Networking solution, delivered by infrastructure components including the Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series.

Prepared for the Everywhere Perimeter? Here’s what IT Pros Say about Segmentation

Prepared for the Everywhere Perimeter? Here’s what IT Pros Say about Segmentation

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Cybersecurity through Hyper-Segmentation: a Practical Foundation for Network-wide Security

Cybersecurity through Hyper-Segmentation: a Practical Foundation for Network-wide Security

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See Avaya’s approach to securing your network’s everywhere perimeter.

See Avaya’s approach to securing your network’s everywhere perimeter.

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