Virtual Services Platform 4000 Series

Edge Device for Fabrics, Multiple Services, and Multiple Tenants

Get An Edge, At the Edge

  • Simplify your network by extending Avaya Fabric Connect to the campus, metro, or WAN edge. Designed for small sites, our Virtual Services Platform 4000 delivers full-featured network virtualization capabilities in a range of low-cost 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet platforms.
  • Deliver multiple services without managing multiple complex protocols, with the compact edge device in your network.
  • Leverage network virtualization technology easily for small offices—and separate traffic to help meet regulatory or security requirements.
  • Provide rich multi-service functionality in multi-tenant environments—and help separate and protect each tenant’s traffic.

Simplify Your Network with Fabric Connectivity

Gradually phase out complex legacy technologies while delivering more services with a single next-generation technology.

Deliver New Business Services Faster

Increase your agility and respond more quickly to requests for new services with end-point provisioning that makes activating moves, adds, and changes easy—leaving the core of the network untouched.

Deploy One Technology for All Your Network Services

Rely on the industry’s first fabric-enabled edge platform to deliver Layer 2 and Layer 3 virtualization, optimized routing, and IP multicast across the entire enterprise, from data center to desktop.

Customer Story
Glamorgan County Cricket Club

“We feel Avaya can take us to the next level in delivering the fan experience.”

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Avaya Virtual Services Platform 4000 Model

Powerful Multiservice Edge Platform Available in Four Models

Choose the right model for your connectivity requirements. The Virtual Services Platform 4850 includes 48 ports of 10/100/1000 Mbps with two shared SFP and SFP+ uplink ports. You can select optional redundant power, PoE or DC redundant power. The Virtual Services Platform 4450GSX-PWR+ is for heavy-fiber-based environments, and offers 36 ports of 100/1000 Mbps SFP, 12 ports of 10/100/1000Base-T with PoE+, and 2-ports of 10 Gig SFP+ that have been enabled with MACSec encryption These multi-service edge platforms enable you to extend the benefits of Avaya Fabric Connect to the edge of the network.

Avaya Virtual Services Platform 4000 Deployment

Deploy Multiple Services Without Multiple Protocols

Deliver Layer 2 services that extend VLANs across the fabric, Layer 3 services that interconnect and extend VRFs across the fabric, IP shortcut routing, and multicast for high-performance Layer 3 connectivity.

Avaya Network Management

Improve Application Performance with a Highly Resilient Network

With sub-second recoveries for all services, Virtual Services Platform 4000 makes network issues transparent to applications and users.

Avaya Virtual Services Platform 4000

Protect Your Investment with Standards-Based Technology

Deploying open, standards-based technology prevents vendor lock-in and helps ensure you can integrate with best-of-breed solutions from the industry’s leading network providers.

Breakthrough Urban Ministries Benefits from Networking Update

Benefits: Enhanced Collaboration, Increased Productivity, Reduce Cost
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