Avaya Officelinx

Communicate Inside the Applications You Use Every Day

Give Every User a Seamless Collaboration Experience

  • Get easy access to your voice messages and received faxes from your email, web browser, or mobile device.
  • Give your staff and teams fast, handy access to communications and you’ll help them increase productivity and deliver top performances.
  • Support remote and mobile users with the same communication experience as if they were right down the hall in headquarters.
  • Don’t worry with restrictions or limitations that often come with desktop software. Officelinx integrates communication and collaboration tools inside popular enterprise applications.

Built for the Cloud

Your Officelinx software solution is compatible, whether your phone system is on premise, solely in the cloud, or a hybrid of both.

Works with Existing Communications Systems

Officelinx is highly interoperable, scalable and secure. It supports any SIP or TDM phone system and can work across multiple, differing phone systems simultaneously.

Maximizes Communications Efficiency

Officelinx puts multiple productivity boosters within easy reach: Find team members quickly. Chat 1-on-1 with teammates. Click to call any phone number. Manage voicemail without picking up a phone. Let others know whether you’re available or can’t be disturbed.

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Embed Real-Time Communications in Applications

Use your communications functions inside the CRM, email, social and other cloud applications you use every day. Officelinx Collaboration and our iLink Pro web client give you easy access to voice and IM communications, presence, click-to-call, location sharing, and other tools. Add Messaging to Officelink Collaboration and expand productivity and engagement options even further.

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Unify Voice and Email Message Management

Manage voicemail in email. Listen to or read voice messages. Escalate any message to a real-time voice, chat, or web conference. Post and share messages on Google+ and Twitter. Migrate your end-of-life or legacy voicemail platform to the Officelinx 100% software-based solution—you’ll consolidate and simplify your messaging system and be able to retire obsolete hardware for voice messaging, auto attendant, IVR, and call trees.

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Use Speech-Enabled Applications to Simplify Communications

Officelinx Speech services provide cost-effective applications that help automate business processes, improve employee productivity, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Key components include Automated Attendant, Interactive Voice-Response, Speech-enabled Authentication, Speech-to-Text transcription, and Text-to-Speech Playback. Text-to-Speech Playback includes Nuance® RealSpeak™, the most widely used TTS solution, to let users listen to e-mail messages in different languages.

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Manage Fax Messages from Email

Move away from traditional, siloed communication systems and plug into a seamless, IP-based environment. Officelinx Fax provides direct SIP faxing with any PBX or IP PBX system, so you can send and receive fax messages from email. Send faxes over existing voice channels, eliminating the need for legacy fax machines and fax phone lines. Replace legacy fax machines with a software-based solution and you’ll lower CAPEX and OPEX costs and eliminate maintenance costs.

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

For Hospitality: Messaging for Hotel Guests and Staff

Officelinx Hospitality Messaging delivers unique services to hotel guests and staff. It integrates with industry-leading property management systems like Micros Fidelio and Ramesys to simplify routines—mailbox administration at room check-in/out, message archiving, and cleaning status. Officelinx services include:

  • Automatic mailbox initiation upon check-in
  • Automatic wake-up
  • Speech-enabled hotel and service directory
  • Guest tutorials
  • Automated greetings for guests
  • Automated language response based on guest profile

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Evolve from CallPilot

Officelinx integrates with Meridian 1, Communication Server 1000, SL-100, and Communication Server 2100 solutions, so there’s no need to upgrade your PBX. A single software license delivers messaging, auto attendant, IVR, and call trees. Older hardware is replaceable with software run in a virtual environment. Consolidate multiple messaging systems with one single software solution that’s multi-tenanted and has a multi-concurrent PBX integration. Support for Google, Salesforce, Office 365 and Skype for Business is included.

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