J100 Series IP Phones

Secure and Reliable Voice Communications

J100 Series IP Phones

Transform the Professional Desktop Communications Experience

  • Explore a desktop phones portfolio of feature-rich endpoints designed to enhance the desktop user experience.
  • Modernize your desktops with the latest generation of Avaya SIP-based IP phones that offer one-touch video, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Discover the Avaya desktop experience: revolutionary, industry-leading desktop phones have a dynamic user interface, including button personalization, contact groups, full month calendar view, and more.
  • Manage administration remotely using a web browser. Perform many of the functions through your web browser which previously required physical access to the phone.
  • Use high quality phones designed for long life. They feature ergonomic/weighted handsets, textured plastic, keypad travel, and rubber feet to keep from sliding on desks.
  • Migrate to SIP at your pace using H323 software.
J129 IP Phone

J129 IP Phone

The J129 IP Phone delivers all your essential call-handling features in a cost-effective, affordable, yet highly functional SIP phone. Designed for public or walk-up locations such as lobbies, hotels, meeting rooms, student dormitories, retail or any user with basic communication needs.

J169 IP Phone

J169 IP Phone

The Avaya J169 IP Phone serves the need for everyday voice communications. Designed for professionals, knowledge workers, salespeople, call centers—all users who rely on the full range of telephony features.

J179 IP Phone

J179 IP Phone

The Avaya J179 IP Phone addresses the need for everyday voice communications. Designed for users who need a full range of telephony, productivity, and collaboration features, the phone also works with the optional J100 Wireless Module for Wi-Fi® connectivity and/or Bluetooth® headsets.

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