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More Secure Network Access for Employees’ Personal Devices


Networks 2020 - An IDC Report [PDF]

15 Mar 2017
Analyzing the market trends in the overall IT market, and the networking industry itself, IDC has highlighted the evolutionary directions that networking technology will need to follow to satisfy the needs of digitally transformed enterprises in the next decade.

Info-Tech Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN [PDF]

15 Sep 2016
Avaya has been ranked as an Innovator in Info-Tech Research Group’s 2016 Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Vendor Landscape. Avaya Networking was recognized by Info-Tech Research Group for “compelling offerings for BYOD and Internet of Things (IoT). Vendors recognized as Innovators demonstrate innovative product strengths that act as their competitive advantage in appealing to niche segments of the market.

End-To-End Network Segmentation Research [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
This research study was conducted by an independent survey research firm, and provides valuable information that assesses organizations views and readiness to implement end-to-end network segmentation.


Smarter Networking with Native Stealth [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
By natively embedding stealth capabilities into the fabric of their network, organizations can significantly reduce their exposure to and risk of cyberattack. Avoiding many of the conventional hooks, and obsoleting the typical tools, that hackers seek to exploit, businesses can reduce their exposure and more tightly focus their specialist security efforts.

Smarter Networking with Hyper-Segmentation [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
With hyper-segmentation, organizations can establish borders to defend against unauthorized lateral movement, reduce their attack profile, deliver highly effective breach isolation, improve the effectiveness of anomaly scanning, and greatly improve the value of specialist security appliances.

Smarter Networking with Automatic Elasticity [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
Elasticity delivers multiple benefits to the information-centric organization: service agility is enhanced, access control can be effectively enforced, any unused or redundant configuration is rolled back, leaving the network edge “clean”. Flipping the convention of access-by-default, automatic elasticity obscures even the hint of network configuration, let alone connectivity, unless and until successful authentication.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced IoT [PDF]

22 Mar 2016
Avaya has pioneered the concept of “network elasticity”, and is uniquely positioned – by virtue of differentiated technologies – to deliver solutions that make this a reality.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced Mobility [PDF]

22 Mar 2016
Avaya creates unified access solutions that seamlessly integrate wireless with traditional access and the greater network. Featuring a holistic, cohesive approach to access control, and leveraging enterprise-class authentication and authorization capabilities, these solutions deliver what matters most: a high-quality experience, independent of the access technology.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced Agility [PDF]

09 Mar 2016
With an Avaya Fabric Connect foundation, IT can dramatically revolutionize their ability to deliver agile services. By fundamentally changing the way that the network is built and operated, businesses can shift their focus from mundane, time-consuming maintenance to value-adding initiatives; re-directing precious skills to enhance the business’s operational efficiency and competitive capability.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced Cyber Security [PDF]

04 Mar 2016
Avaya delivers businesses a smart alternative to the conventional, outdated techniques and technologies that are proving largely ineffective to digital-age threats. Solutions created using the Avaya SDN Fx™ Architecture leverage, at their foundation, a next-generation network virtualisation technology that naturally compartmentalises traffic.

Top 10 Reasons Avaya Networking and Wireless LAN Should be Selected for your IP Office Deployment [PDF]

29 Oct 2015
When Avaya Networking technology is deployed with IP Office and Avaya IP handsets, manual provisioning is eliminated, making the process of design, deployment, and maintenance easier. Avaya networking solutions help you do jobs faster, with less chance of error.

Avaya Networking Solutions [PDF]

29 Jun 2015
Interactive Guide of Avaya Networking Solutions

Avaya Identity Engines Portfolio [PDF]

22 Dec 2014
Avaya Identity Engines Portfolio solutions enable businesses to control who accesses a network, when, where, and how the network is accessed, and which devices will be allowed on the network.

Automating Campus Networks [PDF]

24 Mar 2014
Avaya’s Fabric Connect and Fabric Attach extensions deliver an “Automated Campus” network that is radically simplified, removing time-consuming manual intervention from the critical path of everyday service delivery. Leveraging this innovative technology, businesses can transition valuable IT resources away from error-prone network provisioning duties and end the network waiting game.

Fact Sheets

Avaya idEngines Ignition Network Analytics [PDF]

22 Dec 2016
Avaya Ignition® Network Analytics is a powerful reporting application that allows in-depth analysis of network activity.

Avaya idEngines Ignition Server [PDF]

22 Dec 2016
The Avaya idEngines Ignition Server is a comprehensive centralized policy engine that uses identity as the basis for managing and monitoring access across your network

Avaya idEngines® Mobile Device Management Integration [PDF]

22 Dec 2016
Mobile Device Management (MDM) delivers centralized management control of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, independent of network access. While Network Access Control solutions, such as Avaya Identity Engines Portfolio, controls and secure network access, MDM controls and protects the data and configuration settings for all mobile devices in the network. Collectively an integrated MDM solution can reduce costs and business risks while optimizing the functionality and security of a mobile communications network while minimizing cost and downtime.

Avaya Identity Engines Ignition Guest Manager [PDF]

22 Dec 2016
The Avaya Identity Engines Ignition Guest Manager allows you to provide more secure network access to your guests, easily and cost-effectively, without taxing IT administrators.

Avaya Identity Engines Ignition Access Portal [PDF]

22 Dec 2016
The Avaya Identity Engines Ignition Access Portal establishes a portal that intercepts traffic from employees and guests, simplifying how devices authenticate and connect to the network while providing new tools to monitor, manage and control the level of access that is provided, including detailed visibility into the profiles of individual devices.

Create Outstanding User Experiences with an All Avaya Solution [PDF]

26 Jan 2016
Avaya takes an application-first approach to networking. We call it Avaya on Avaya — integrated pre-tested solutions that accelerate time to service and resolve issues proactively through enhanced performance monitoring. Avaya on Avaya delivers a superior user experience and better value for IT

Avaya Networking and IP Office form the foundation for a Safe Campus Infrastructure [PDF]

07 Jul 2015
Avaya has created and validated reference architectures for campus wireless, LAN and video surveillance networks. Administrators responsible for physical security and IT can now deploy, from their office or mobile smart phones, a unified solution with inherent building and campus safety, when designing 21st Century learning environments.

Establishing a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Foundation [PDF]

11 Apr 2015
Avaya's Fabric Connect next-generation networking solution leverage standards-based technology to provide an inherently strong and more secure infrastructure that can provide the basis for a network that supports PCI compliance.

Avaya idEngines® Single Sign-on for Avaya Aura® Applications [PDF]

26 Mar 2014
Today’s enterprises must deal with multiple IDs and passwords per user, a situation that adds cost and complexity as well as potential security risks. Identity Engines Single Sign-on (SSO) mitigates this by allowing network administrators to centrally set, assign, store, and change access credentials.

Avaya Identity Engines Ignition Analytics [PDF]

11 Mar 2014
The Ignition Analytics, a tool offered as part of the Avaya Identity Engines portfolio, delivers extensive automated reporting functionality that allows IT professionals to be more effective in carrying out their mandates for compliance, planning and security.

Avaya Identity Engines CASE Wizard [PDF]

11 Mar 2014
The Avaya Identity Engines Ignition CASE Wizard automates the configuration of Windows-based devices, delivering more secure access to both wired and wireless networks without installing software on the device itself.


Infographic: Securing the Everywhere Perimeter [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
Look at the perceptions and use of end-to-end network segmentation as a baseline security approach to the new everywhere perimeter. (Based on research from an independent survey research firm.)


Identity Engines: Simplifying and Streamlining Network Access [3:48]

02 Jan 2015
Avaya Identity Engines Portfolio solutions enable businesses to control who accesses a network, when, where, and how the network is accessed, and which devices will be allowed on the network.

Identity Engines Portfolio [3:40]

15 Oct 2013
The Avaya Identity Engines portfolio integrates with any vendor's networking equipment to provide the central policy decision needed to enforce role-based network access control. The portfolio offers an open, standards-based and holistic network identity management structure.

White Papers

The Future of Wi-Fi Location-Based Services [PDF]

08 Nov 2016
Leveraging data collected via the wireless LAN, organizations will be able to locate devices, identify people, and initiate workflows.

Defining and Protecting Essential Applications and Confidential Data [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
The challenge of business continuity and information security is not the complexities of individual components or even the technology as a whole, but determining precisely which applications and what data needs protection. Avaya makes it possible for the network to handle once-manual functions automatically, reducing the potential for error, and accelerating time-to-service. This empowers the network to quickly respond to changing business requirements with precision and flexibility.

Securing the Everywhere Perimeter [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
IoT, BYOD, and cloud have fragmented the traditional network perimeter. Businesses need an effective strategy to differentiate critical applications and confidential data, partition user and devices, establish policy boundaries, and reduce their exposure. Avaya delivers technologies that help secure the everywhere-perimeter. By providing a foundational layer that seamlessly manages hyper-segmentation, native stealth, and automatic elasticity across the organization. Avaya makes protecting and managing everywhere-access practical.

The New World Of Network Security [PDF]

02 Sep 2016
This whitepaper offers a roadmap for implementing smart, multilevel security capabilities to simplify access control, overcome inherent vulnerabilities in the IP protocol and enable new levels of network segmentation and isolation

The Essential Guide to Avoiding Network Outages

22 Mar 2016
At Avaya, we’ve done extensive research on network outages—why they happen, how long they typically last, and how they can be avoided. We’ve found there’s a better than 1-in-3 chance that your last network outage could have been prevented. Learn simple yet effective methods to prevent costly total outages: here are five critical best practices you can take to institute a policy of prevention.

The IoT Playbook for Wireless LAN [PDF]

08 Dec 2015
This white paper by Zeus Kerravala, the founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, provides valuable insight into the Era of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the effect it will have on enterprises and wireless LAN. The playbook then provides Evaluation Criteria for IoT concludes with recommendation for organizations to prepare for the world of IoT.

The Business of Speed

10 Jun 2015
Avaya SDN Fx™ Architecture can. A lengthy change cycle isn’t necessary every time your network needs an update. Find out how to move your IT staff from routine maintenance to innovative, business critical initiatives that enhance operational efficiency. With an Avaya Fabric Connect foundation, run your network at business speed.

Guest Access - Avaya-on-Avaya Delivering more secure guest access instantly [PDF]

03 Mar 2014
The Avaya Identity Engines portfolio provides fast network access to guests and visitors without compromising the overall security of the enterprise network.

A Unified Network for the Mobile Era [PDF]

13 Aug 2012
As the enterprise WLAN becomes the network of choice for employees and associates, networks are expected to support an increasing number of real-time applications, such as voice and video communications. Enterprises should address the expectations of their increasingly mobile workforce with an intelligent, easily managed network that is truly unified and smart enough to deliver services rapidly and seamlessly.

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