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Networks 2020 - An IDC Report [PDF]

15 Mar 2017
Analyzing the market trends in the overall IT market, and the networking industry itself, IDC has highlighted the evolutionary directions that networking technology will need to follow to satisfy the needs of digitally transformed enterprises in the next decade.

Info-Tech Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN [PDF]

15 Sep 2016
Avaya has been ranked as an Innovator in Info-Tech Research Group’s 2016 Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Vendor Landscape. Avaya Networking was recognized by Info-Tech Research Group for “compelling offerings for BYOD and Internet of Things (IoT). Vendors recognized as Innovators demonstrate innovative product strengths that act as their competitive advantage in appealing to niche segments of the market.

End-To-End Network Segmentation Research [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
This research study was conducted by an independent survey research firm, and provides valuable information that assesses organizations views and readiness to implement end-to-end network segmentation.

Better Together – Why Avaya Applications are Better with Avaya [PDF]

12 Jun 2015
Certain technology combinations just work better together than others. Your engagement applications infrastructure is one of the most important set of technologies that you run in your company. Here are 10 reasons why Avaya applications are better with Avaya Networking.

Fabric Connect Customer Experience Research Report [PDF]

09 Feb 2015
This independent market research set out to investigate the impact Avaya Fabric Connect has had on its customer base. It shows that all key performance indicators have improved, but also that many common problems typically associated with running a network have actually been almost eradicated for some customers.


Smarter Networking with Native Stealth [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
By natively embedding stealth capabilities into the fabric of their network, organizations can significantly reduce their exposure to and risk of cyberattack. Avoiding many of the conventional hooks, and obsoleting the typical tools, that hackers seek to exploit, businesses can reduce their exposure and more tightly focus their specialist security efforts.

Smarter Networking with Hyper-Segmentation [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
With hyper-segmentation, organizations can establish borders to defend against unauthorized lateral movement, reduce their attack profile, deliver highly effective breach isolation, improve the effectiveness of anomaly scanning, and greatly improve the value of specialist security appliances.

Smarter Networking with Automatic Elasticity [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
Elasticity delivers multiple benefits to the information-centric organization: service agility is enhanced, access control can be effectively enforced, any unused or redundant configuration is rolled back, leaving the network edge “clean”. Flipping the convention of access-by-default, automatic elasticity obscures even the hint of network configuration, let alone connectivity, unless and until successful authentication.

Transforming the Airport into the Destination [PDF]

11 Jul 2016
This paper focuses on how technology can be used to help airport operators achieve three crucial goals: how to save money, how to make money, and how to gain competitive advantage.

How Avaya Networking Complements VMware Virtualization [PDF]

05 Jul 2016
Avaya Networking solutions provide significant benefits for every VMware deployment and any Software-Defined Data Center implementation.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced IoT [PDF]

22 Mar 2016
Avaya has pioneered the concept of “network elasticity”, and is uniquely positioned – by virtue of differentiated technologies – to deliver solutions that make this a reality.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced Mobility [PDF]

22 Mar 2016
Avaya creates unified access solutions that seamlessly integrate wireless with traditional access and the greater network. Featuring a holistic, cohesive approach to access control, and leveraging enterprise-class authentication and authorization capabilities, these solutions deliver what matters most: a high-quality experience, independent of the access technology.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced Agility [PDF]

09 Mar 2016
With an Avaya Fabric Connect foundation, IT can dramatically revolutionize their ability to deliver agile services. By fundamentally changing the way that the network is built and operated, businesses can shift their focus from mundane, time-consuming maintenance to value-adding initiatives; re-directing precious skills to enhance the business’s operational efficiency and competitive capability.

The Smart Approach To Networking For Enhanced Cyber Security [PDF]

04 Mar 2016
Avaya delivers businesses a smart alternative to the conventional, outdated techniques and technologies that are proving largely ineffective to digital-age threats. Solutions created using the Avaya SDN Fx™ Architecture leverage, at their foundation, a next-generation network virtualisation technology that naturally compartmentalises traffic.

Avaya Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series [PDF]

29 Dec 2015
The Avaya Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series is the first incarnation of a new concept in data networking, the compact form-factor (CFF) Ethernet Switch. The CFF concept seeks to address the needs of businesses that range from the mid-market all the way up to mid-to-large Enterprises, with highly flexible deployment capabilities

Avaya Networking Solutions [PDF]

29 Jun 2015
Interactive Guide of Avaya Networking Solutions

Top 10 things you need to know about Avaya Fabric Connect [PDF]

05 Jun 2015
Avaya Fabric Connect is an industry unique solution that offers a number of characteristics that set it apart from competing offers. The Top 10 list will give you a sneak peek of the advantages Fabric Connect offers.

Next-Generation Metro/WAN Networking [PDF]

16 Dec 2014
Combining the Avaya Fabric Connect technology with Packet Optical Transport capability from Ciena Corporation to deliver seamless services for Metro and WAN scenarios.

Fact Sheets

Avaya Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus [PDF]

10 Jan 2017
Avaya offers the Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus to address the challenges of managing today’s converged networks. VPFM Plus is a powerful Unified Management application that provides advanced network discovery, topology visualization, fault and performance management.

Avaya Virtual Services Platform 8284XSQ [PDF]

23 Dec 2016
The VSP 8284XSQ is the first model in the new VSP 8000 Series range of products. It is a Compact Form-Factor Ethernet Switch designed to deliver sophisticated yet simplified functionality in deployments for mid-sized business.

Virtual Services Platform 4000 Series [PDF]

23 Dec 2016
Designed to extend the reach of the Avaya Fabric Connect technology to the network edge, the Virtual Services Platform 4000 delivers fully featured network virtualization capabilities in a low cost 1 Gig / 10 Gig platform optimized for small locations. Designed to extend the full suite of Fabric Connect services to the edge, the VSP 4000 offers full multiservice capabilities without the deployment of multiple protocols & delivering a simplified and streamlined way to build and manage networks.

Smart Campus - Smart Digital World Solutions [PDF]

31 May 2016
Upgrade communications, security, and situational operations for modern campuses across all verticals with Smart Campus.

Smart Networking - Smart Digital World Solutions [PDF]

31 May 2016
Eliminate complexities and build an automated, agile, world-class infrastructure with Smart Networking.

Avaya & Nutanix – Simplicity Meets Invisible Infrastructure [PDF]

04 Aug 2015
Nutanix and Avaya help drive simplicity and agility across the entire infrastructure. Combined they provide the ability to stand-up or scale-out applications at the speed of business.

Cloud-Optimized Storage Solutions [PDF]

22 Sep 2011
Avaya and Coraid are optimizing the new paradigm of highly scalable Storage Area Networking; future-ready and cost-effective, leveraging the advantages of proven and interoperable technology


Infographic: Securing the Everywhere Perimeter [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
Look at the perceptions and use of end-to-end network segmentation as a baseline security approach to the new everywhere perimeter. (Based on research from an independent survey research firm.)


Avaya and Ciena network architecture [2:19]

16 Dec 2014
Avaya and Ciena introduce an end-to-end WAN-LAN data networking solution to cost-effectively simplify network operations for enterprises while increasing control when delivering on-demand services.

Virtual Services Platform 9000 [5:07]

14 Oct 2013
The Avaya Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 is a next-generation solution for mission-critical networks cores and data centers, designed for enterprises, multi-tenant providers and others.

White Papers

Defining and Protecting Essential Applications and Confidential Data [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
The challenge of business continuity and information security is not the complexities of individual components or even the technology as a whole, but determining precisely which applications and what data needs protection. Avaya makes it possible for the network to handle once-manual functions automatically, reducing the potential for error, and accelerating time-to-service. This empowers the network to quickly respond to changing business requirements with precision and flexibility.

Securing the Everywhere Perimeter [PDF]

07 Sep 2016
IoT, BYOD, and cloud have fragmented the traditional network perimeter. Businesses need an effective strategy to differentiate critical applications and confidential data, partition user and devices, establish policy boundaries, and reduce their exposure. Avaya delivers technologies that help secure the everywhere-perimeter. By providing a foundational layer that seamlessly manages hyper-segmentation, native stealth, and automatic elasticity across the organization. Avaya makes protecting and managing everywhere-access practical.

Divide & Conquer: Cybersecurity Through Hyper-Segmentation

06 Sep 2016
Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, forcing organizations to find a better way to thwart attacks and protect access to enterprise networks. Avaya hyper-segmentation creates dead ends for hackers. If one segment of the network is attacked, hyper-segmentation prevents uncontrolled access everywhere. Any damage is contained to one isolated segment. And, in the age of IoT, scalability is important: you can set up any number of isolated segments quickly and easily. Learn more in this white paper sponsored by Avaya.

The New World Of Network Security [PDF]

02 Sep 2016
This whitepaper offers a roadmap for implementing smart, multilevel security capabilities to simplify access control, overcome inherent vulnerabilities in the IP protocol and enable new levels of network segmentation and isolation

Extending Oracle Virtual Networking with Avaya Fabric Connect [PDF]

08 May 2015
Oracle Virtual Networking simplifies, streamlines, and helps to secure the interconnectivity between Servers, SAN, and Network by delivering an on-demand software-defined Layer 2 connectivity solution. Avaya Fabric Connect seamlessly complements Oracle’s capabilities, providing Layer 3 networking extensibility and provisioning agility.

A Guide To Network Virtualization [PDF]

24 Mar 2014
This paper by Zeus Kerravala is the founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, discussed how the network has evolved through the different eras of computing and has become a more strategic asset, and presents recommendations for companies looking to implement network virtualization.

Introducing Avaya's Distributed Top-of-Rack Technology [PDF]

15 Jun 2013
Avaya Fabric Connect, incorporating the Virtual Services Platform 7000 deployed as a "Distributed ToR", delivers revolutionary network simplicity, because it is the only network fabric offering that creates network-wide services with a single control plane independent of the physical topology.

Distribution of Globally Routable IPv6 over Avaya Fabric Connect [PDF]

12 Dec 2012
This document provides an overview of a proven solution for the distribution of globally routable IPv6 Addresses, leveraging Avaya Fabric Connect. Fabric Connect is Avaya's next-generation networking protocol; an enhanced implementation of the standardized Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) technology.

Integrating VXLAN with Avaya Fabric Connect [PDF]

24 Aug 2012
VMware's VXLAN and Avaya's SPB-based Fabric Connect complementary; and when used together they can help businesses build agile, scalable environments that enhance the total value proposition of highly virtualized next-generation infrastructures, combining fully orchestrated computing and networking.

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