Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK

Differentiate Your Brand with Customized Applications Across Your Enterprise

Change How People Interact in and with Your Business

Connect, buy, ask, learn, share, complain, resolve, stock, ship. What do your customers and teams experience when interacting with your company? You always want to enrich these engagements, whether they’re with people, bots, or online.

Now it's easier to create customized applications for your users, to build experiences that promote your brand, excellence, and know-how.

No more standardized, canned, pre-set communications solutions that you’ve adapted—creatively force fit—into your world. No more waiting on vendors to address your wish list in the next release. Avaya is putting you in control with the tools and guidance you need to quickly create your own applications that fit right into your processes and culture.

Our software-defined engagement kicks off with the Avaya Aura® Platform—scalable, secure, resilient—and adds the ability to build meaningful, user-specific applications. A single Breeze Client SDK lets us, you, or third parties develop innovative vertical apps. Use apps we’ve created, like workspaces for agents and supervisors, or mobile interfaces. Or, go DIY and create a custom solution that's easy to support.

Building Both Packaged and Custom Apps with the Avaya Client SDK

Building Both Packaged and Custom Apps with the Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK

Our full-featured Breeze Client SDK is the basis for all off-the-shelf clients, created by both Avaya and our DevConnect partners. Avaya brings voice, video, and web-based interactions to life across devices that people use every day. We used our software development kit to develop the Avaya Oceana™ Solution, our agent desktop experience for multi-touch contact centers, and the Avaya Equinox™ Experience, our Unified Communications client. When you need a specialized, one-of-a-kind solution, the Breeze Client SDK provides a common, developer-friendly way to quickly build innovative user experiences.

Making Applications Development a Breeze

Making Applications Development a Breeze

The Breeze Client SDK is based on our Avaya Breeze™ Platform, which lets you quickly and easily create or embed rich, real-time communications capabilities into social, mobile, video, and cloud applications. Pre-built Avaya Snap-ins simplify and speed the development of unique and customer-specific communications applications across your enterprise. Get new custom features and functions live on a right-now schedule. Tailoring solutions to your needs has never been easier, faster, or more cost effective.

Put Your Applications on an Eye-Catching, Friendly Device

Put Your Applications on an Eye-Catching, Friendly Device

Innovation meets glass art. Our cost-effective Avaya Vantage™ Device supports simple, seamless, instant, natural interactions. Fire up voice, chat, or collaboration with one touch. Put Vantage Devices where users need your applications: desktops, hotel rooms, hospital bedsides, kiosks—you’ve got the niche. Vantage has signature audio excellence, the flexibility of an application platform, and the advantages of a desk phone—with an optional detachable handset. Open integration and extensibility with the Breeze Client SDK means it’s easy to personalize Vantage for your industry, business, and users.

Personalize Your Omnichannel Customer Experience

Personalize Your Multi-touch Customer Experience

Avaya Oceana™ Workspaces for agents and supervisors let you start immediately to evaluate and enhance your customer experience across each channel. Create visual customer journey workflows via drag and drop, without programming expertise. Assess a customer’s journey, evaluate needs, and follow prompting to give the best responses at the right times during an interaction. You’ll keep your team engaged and one step ahead as they serve customers.

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