Control Manager

Centralized Administration and Management for Your Avaya Contact Centers


Better Control and Faster Administration Across All Your Contact Center Locations

  • Achieve simpler, easier, centralized administration for your Avaya Contact Center portfolio with Control Manager. Whether your organization supports one contact center or many, you can streamline the management of your Avaya contact center operations.
  • Make configuration and management a breeze for technical and nontechnical administrators. They can easily update call center functions and business processes across the entire organization.
  • Enable administrators to apply rules and definitions—often using as little as a single key stroke. This allows quick and error-free changes to agents, skills, call flows, IVR prompts, and more.

One Admin Tool for All Avaya Contact Center Products

Save time and money by administering all Avaya Contact Center products with one intuitive thin-client tool.

No Technical Expertise Required

User-friendly controls, templates, and interface let IT hand over administration tasks to non-technical users who work with the solution every day.

No Instructions Needed

Design call flows, manage policy routing tables, and more through the easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual interface.

Customer Story
Severn Trent Water

“The Avaya solution has proven to be absolutely the right solution for us.”

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Contact Center Control Manager Through Laptop

Eliminate Repetitious, Labor-Intensive Admin Tasks

Circumvent repetitive administration tasks. Collect and manage your relevant contact center data and entities. Then simply apply them across your enterprise and distributed architecture. Presto—you’ve applied the changes throughout the entire environment.

Contact Center Control Manager

User-Friendly Web Interface for Easy, Fast Updates

Your technical and non-technical administrators can set up and manage day-to-day tasks such as handling agents, users, extensions, voicemails, and more through the easy-to-use interface, saving considerable time and money.

Contact Center Control Manager

Integrated Voice Response System Administration

With our Conversation Sphere, control key aspects of your IVR system without writing a single line of code. Avaya enables the design and management of voice applications through the web interface and enables control of your entire IVR.

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