Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus

Streamlined Configuration, Provisioning, and Troubleshooting for Devices and Technologies


Networks 2020 - An IDC Report [PDF]

15 Mar 2017
Analyzing the market trends in the overall IT market, and the networking industry itself, IDC has highlighted the evolutionary directions that networking technology will need to follow to satisfy the needs of digitally transformed enterprises in the next decade.

Info-Tech Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN [PDF]

15 Sep 2016
Avaya has been ranked as an Innovator in Info-Tech Research Group’s 2016 Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Vendor Landscape. Avaya Networking was recognized by Info-Tech Research Group for “compelling offerings for BYOD and Internet of Things (IoT). Vendors recognized as Innovators demonstrate innovative product strengths that act as their competitive advantage in appealing to niche segments of the market.


Avaya Networking Solutions [PDF]

29 Jun 2015
Interactive Guide of Avaya Networking Solutions

Fact Sheets

Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus [PDF]

10 Jan 2017
Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus is a real-time web-based network management solution that offers best-in-class configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting for a wide range of technologies.

Create Outstanding User Experiences with an All Avaya Solution [PDF]

26 Jan 2016
Avaya takes an application-first approach to networking. We call it Avaya on Avaya — integrated pre-tested solutions that accelerate time to service and resolve issues proactively through enhanced performance monitoring. Avaya on Avaya delivers a superior user experience and better value for IT

Avaya Virtualization Provisioning Service [PDF]

12 Aug 2014
Delivering visibility, validation, automation and reporting across applications, servers and network devices for the next-generation Virtualized Data Center

Avaya IP Flow Manager [PDF]

12 Aug 2014
The IP Flow Manager is an integral part of the Avaya Unified Management solution. This solution leads the industry in offering comprehensive, integrated management capabilities across data and voice over both wired and wireless networks.


Configuration and Orchestration Manager [5:29]

21 Jun 2013
The Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager is an integral part of the Avaya Unified Communications Management (UCM) solution.

White Papers

The New World Of Network Security [PDF]

02 Sep 2016
This whitepaper offers a roadmap for implementing smart, multilevel security capabilities to simplify access control, overcome inherent vulnerabilities in the IP protocol and enable new levels of network segmentation and isolation

The Essential Guide to Avoiding Network Outages

22 Mar 2016
At Avaya, we’ve done extensive research on network outages—why they happen, how long they typically last, and how they can be avoided. We’ve found there’s a better than 1-in-3 chance that your last network outage could have been prevented. Learn simple yet effective methods to prevent costly total outages: here are five critical best practices you can take to institute a policy of prevention.

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