Cloud Wireless LAN

Easily Manage, Operate, and Secure your Wireless LAN

Ingenuity in the Cloud

  • Simplify your wireless deployments and administration with a flexible, future-ready Cloud Networking Platform.
  • Get the great user experience and application performance that comes with the Avaya Wireless LAN 9100—all supported in the Cloud.
  • Switch to an OPEX budget. Buy just the access points, and then subscribe to Avaya for the term that fits your needs.
  • Make network management affordable and efficient—and still have complete control and visibility over deploying and scaling your network.
  • Keep up with demands for optimum performance. Rely on security and firewall-friendly communications, bi-directional messaging protocols for nearly instantaneous changes and alerts, and a distributed database.
  • Secure your network and data with Avaya’s robust, multi-level capabilities. We isolate data to individual cloud tenants. We use standards-based encryption between your site and the cloud. And we keep user traffic on the firewall-protected LAN.
  • Simplify user and IoT device access for employee, guest, BYOD, and IoT device onboarding.
  • Simplify administration with fast, zero-touch automatic implementations.
  • Monitor and protect your services. Zoom in from the global view to see—and even troubleshoot—your access points. Access points act autonomously even if the cloud connection is lost.

Use a Single Management Console, the Ultimate in Simplicity

See all your services in one place, integrated. Use zero-touch automatic activation for software upgrades, patches, and licenses. Open this free demo to explore the extensive and easy options of the management interface.

Depend on System Resiliency for Mission-Critical Applications

Eliminate centralized dependencies and single points of failure. Deliver consistent service availability through data center redundancy and data replication.

Accommodate Massive Scalability

As wireless device use grows, you can add up to thousands of access points and clients. Avaya’s multi-tenant support and the flexibility of our SaaS solution allow for easy scaling to support your peak usage scenarios.

Now in the Cloud: High-Quality User Experience and Application Performance

The Avaya Wireless LAN 9100 Series delivers wired-like performance and reliability to your mobile users, as well as visibility and control over your network applications and services. Now you can achieve these same Wireless LAN 9100 benefits in the Cloud. If your IT staff is small or over-extended, reduce demands on their time—Cloud Wireless LAN management removes the complexity and learning curve associated with deploying and operating wireless networks.

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Debunking the Myths of Cloud Management

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