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Networks 2020 - An IDC Report [PDF]

15 Mar 2017
Analyzing the market trends in the overall IT market, and the networking industry itself, IDC has highlighted the evolutionary directions that networking technology will need to follow to satisfy the needs of digitally transformed enterprises in the next decade.


Avaya Surge IoT Solution Brief [PDF]

13 Feb 2017
In the age of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), technology can now assume effective omnipresence — from heart machines to heating and air-conditioning systems. Managing and securing omnipresence in organizations is a formidable challenge; Avaya Surge IoT solution can help make the benefits of IoT a practical reality.

3rd Party Research Report – ‘Securing the Internet of Things: Saving with Surge’ [PDF]

13 Feb 2017
This report, published by Nemertes Research, is the result of interviews with early users of Avaya Surge to identify and quantify the benefits they have realized by deploying the solution.

Fact Sheets

Avaya Surge IoT Solution Technical Brief [PDF]

13 Feb 2017
Avaya Surge is a fit-for-purpose solution to help secure, automate, and track IoT devices in any organization on any network. Avaya Surge specializes in bringing intelligence to devices that would otherwise be unknown to a network and thereby forfeit any type of automation of device security and management.


Mitigating Cybersecurity Risk with HyperSegmentation [49:10]

28 Feb 2017
In light of the explosion of the IoT, security concerns are abundant, particularly in highly regulated industries like healthcare. In this informative session, speakers Eric Miller, MBA, CPHIMS, CISSP, Senior Director of IT for Ascension Information Services, and Paul Unbehagen, Chief Architect for Avaya, will share the importance of a standardized approach to risk management and how applying it to an IoT strategy can effectively reduce risks. Miller and Unbehagen will reveal how the primary foundation for an effective risk reduction strategy, hyper-segmentation, offers robust risk reduction and is easy to implement and manage.

White Papers

Surge IoT Information Model [PDF]

13 Feb 2017
The objective of this document is to define the IoT information model and introduce the concept of service profile in the context of IoT.

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