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Fact Sheets

Avaya Work Assignment Snap-in [PDF]

The Avaya Work Assignment Snap-in makes it easier to design customer facing experiences and business workflows that take full advantage of Big Data and real-time enterprise information about your customers and your business. With the Work Assignment Snap-in, you can tap cross-company data, make on-the-fly adjustments, and match your people and teams to the optimum tasks or customer inquiries that can help you achieve your business goals.

Avaya Real-Time Speech Snap-in [PDF]

Organizations need to perform better and are constantly aiming to meet and ultimately exceed organizational goals and business objectives. To combat the latency between insights discovered after the moment and to remain competitive and offer a consistent, differentiated, exceptional experience, organizations must be able not only to discover these insights, but also to correct issues and capitalize on opportunities at the source in the moment…in real-time with the Avaya Real-Time Speech Snap-in.

Avaya Engagement Designer [PDF]

Applications are everywhere: on our laptops, our tablets and our smartphones. We simply couldn’t get our work done without them. But have you ever considered the impact that communications applications created specifically for your needs might have on your business? Avaya Engagement Designer makes creating unique applications for your business easier than you might have thought possible.

Avaya WebRTC Snap-in [PDF]

Make the web the new on-ramp for your customer contact solutions by providing another convenient way for your customers to engage you, resolve issues and make their next purchase. The Avaya WebRTC Snap-in simplifies the addition of click-to-call into your web pages, making it easy for customers to access your services and opening the door to the next level of agent service capabilities.

Avaya Context Store Snap-In [PDF]

The Context Store Snap-in helps simplify your organization’s ability to create a consistent customer experience by collecting and sharing real time contextual information across your self-service, contact routing, agent desktop, and communications applications.



Avaya Work Assignment Snap-in Overview [2:48]

Learn how Work Assignment real-time resource matching can help you better leverage real-time data to improve business outcomes and optimize the customer experience.

Avaya Context Store Snap-in Overview [2:53]

Learn how Context Store can help improve real-time engagement and collaboration by making it easier to track, collect, and share relevant real-time data across interactions.

Avaya Engagement Development Platform [3:09]

Find out how the Avaya Engagement Development Platform can help businesses achieve their collaboration goals of embedding communications into business processes and enabling users to focus on their priorities instead of technologies that enable the flow of information.

White Papers

Avaya Breeze™ Call Intercept Snap-ins [PDF]

The Avaya Breeze™ Platform is an application platform that allows new capabilities to be added to the Avaya Aura® Platform. It is a single integrated environment that extends across multiple devices and channels, enabling developers to build and deploy communications applications in days without needing detailed communication development skills. Call Intercept Snap-ins are among the most commonly requested application capabilities. This white paper will outline how these Snap-ins can be invoked to support high value customer solutions.
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