Avaya Snap-ins

Change the Way You Develop Applications

Avaya Aura® Collaboration Environment Snap-ins

Simplify Application Development with Pre-built Code Modules

  • Meet and exceed your business and customer needs to improve internal productivity and customer experience. How? Give your application developers better tools to quickly deliver innovative communications applications.
  • Save time and expense in developing new—and improving existing—communications and customer experience applications. Avaya Snap-ins are modular, reusable code or capabilities that connect, enable, or facilitate a specific application’s action or outcome in your environment. Developers simply “snap in” the code modules to immediately integrate new functions.
  • Provide value when you use individual Snap-ins independently. Achieve exponential benefits by using Snap-ins together. For example, use Snap-ins to:
    • Give users click-to-call or video chat capabilities from within your mobile apps and web pages.
    • Create simpler, more effective ways to continuously collect and use real-time data to improve business response times and improve customer experiences.
    • Use a data driven real-time resource matching engine and leverage up to the minute customer and business data to optimize achievement of desired business outcomes.
    • Integrate real-time speech search into your enterprise and contact center applications and workflows.
    • Implement one-number dial in and voice-driven logins to bypass the need to repeatedly enter conference numbers and passcodes.

Avaya Engagement Designer

Now you can create applications without writing Java code—great for non-developers. Engagement Designer provides a palette of capabilities from Avaya Breeze™. Drag and drop a selected capability onto a canvas to create process flows and applications.

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WebRTC Snap-in

WebRTC Snap-in

The on ramp for customer engagement, use this Snap-in to give any user on any device click-to-call capabilities from within their browsers. Combine with other Snap-ins to capture customer behaviors, preferences, and browser history—present that information to agents so they can steer conversations with customers, answering questions and resolving issues efficiently and positively.

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Engagement Assistant

Use this Snap-in to simplify user access to voice and video conference calls. Engagement Assistant is a complete Snap-in application that eliminates the hassle of users manually entering long bridge numbers and passcodes. Users call a single phone number and use speech-driven access to join any voice or video conference on their Microsoft Outlook calendars. Also, Scopia Desktop Mobile users can seamlessly transition live conferences between desktop and mobile using a Plantronics Voyager Legend UC Headset.  

Context Store Snap-in

Create an in-memory universal data bus that improves application performance and shortens response times. By holding frequently requested data in memory, this Snap-in reduces the need for repeat queries to disparate systems to retrieve or validate data. This approach simplifies aggregating information across various enterprise and public sources to help ensure your applications, services, and people can make better real-time decisions.

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Work Assignment Snap-in

Optimize assigning the right resource to the customer you’re serving. With the Work Assignment Snap-in, your application can tap cross-company data, making on-the-fly adjustments, to match a customer to the best available person. This extensible, highly scalable work distribution system uses data-analytics-driven routing to assign work items. Your application can respond in real time based on your target goals and desired outcomes, such as assigning callers to internal agents instead of to outsourced resources. Or, by tapping matching rules to route your highest value customers to your best sales agents.

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Real-Time Speech Snap-in

Real-Time Speech Snap-in

Use this Snap-in to integrate real-time speech search into your enterprise and contact center applications and workflows so you can quickly develop and deploy speech services throughout your environment. This consolidated set of services provides application developers the management and use of speech technologies, focusing on real-time and interactive speech search applications.

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Call Park and Page Snap-in

Quickly connect incoming callers to experts in your organization—no matter where they are. Ideal for reaching on-the-go people, this out-of-the-box application for Avaya Breeze™ enables operators to park callers on designated extensions while they page or text users to retrieve the call from any phone.

Mobile Video Snap-in

Integrate click to call or video chat directly within your web pages or mobile apps. Use this developer Snap-in to quickly create rich, contextually aware voice and video services that seamlessly connect users to your video-enabled agents and employees.

Co-Browsing Snap-in

Enable rich online collaboration directly within your website. Use this developer Snap-in to make your web pages more personal with guided web browsing, shared control, and secure form filling that helps you close online transactions, improve first contact resolution, and differentiate your online experience.

Call Redirection Manager Snap-in

Call Redirection Manager Snap-in

Better connect callers with the best resources. Give your team the ability to manage and prioritize their inbound calls. Users can redirect and screen calls based on specific criteria. For example, caller lists can define rules, on a user or group level, for which calls a user will answer and which ones should be redirected to someone with appropriate knowledge and authority.

Smart Caller ID Snap-in

Smart Caller ID Snap-in

Enhance inbound and outbound caller ID information to improve call context information and personalization. For inbound calls display the name of the calling party, throughout the call duration, even when transferred. For customers receiving outbound calls, display your unique calling information and a call back number. Business rules that you define determine specific caller ID information to show on outbound calls—adjust caller ID displays based on geography, line of business, title, expertise group, and more.

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