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Fact Sheets

Scopia® Streaming & Recording Fact Sheet [PDF]

Scopia Streaming & Recording combines the interactive features of Scopia video collaboration with powerful streaming and recording capabilities. Users can create and deliver valuable video business assets once instead of many times, and to large audiences. Meetings can be recorded for easy, on-demand viewing or can be broadcast in real-time to a user’s PC, tablet or mobile device.

Scopia® Elite 6000 Series MCU Fact Sheet [PDF]

The Scopia Elite 6000 Series MCU is Avaya’s next generation platform for HD multi-party video collaboration. The Elite 6000 harnesses revolutionary processing power for demanding conferencing applications.

Avaya Scopia® PathFinder Firewall Traversal [PDF]

Scopia PathFinder Firewall Traversal is a complete firewall and NAT traversal solution enabling secure connectivity between enterprise networks and remote sites. PathFinder maintains the security and advantages of firewall and NAT over video networks and allows seamless integration with existing video conferencing systems and infrastructure components.

Avaya Scopia® Management [PDF]

Scopia Management delivers management, control and scheduling for robust, easy-to-use conferencing. It provides an all-inclusive solution for managing video conferencing systems including Avaya and third party endpoints, infrastructure devices such as MCUs and gateways, and call control applications such as gatekeepers and SIP agents.

Scopia® Video Gateway for Microsoft Lync Factsheet [PDF]

The Scopia Video Gateway for Microsoft Lync provides connectivity for Lync to H.323 standards-based video conferencing solutions.



Avaya Engagement Assistant Snap-in [2:21]

Use this Snap-in for Engagement Development Platform to simplify access to voice and video conference calls. Engagement Assistant eliminates the hassle of users manually entering long bridge numbers and passcodes. Users call a single phone number and use speech-driven access to join any voice or video conference on their Microsoft Outlook calendars.

Collaborate Seamlessly with Scopia Video Solutions [2:35]

Avaya's Scopia Video Solution is changing the way people connect and collaborate.

Avaya Scopia® - Videoconferencing That Just Works [2:47]

Video conferencing is moving out of the boardroom and into the real world. Avaya Scopia connects customers, clients, colleagues, students, teachers, technicians, trainers, doctors, patients and more in high-quality, interactive face-to-face meetings using almost any video-equipped device over any type of network.

Avaya Scopia® Elite 5000 Series [2:53]

The Avaya Scopia® Elite 5000 Series is a next generation solution for high definition multiparty conferencing that uses DSP technology to deliver 1080p processing, telepresence connectivity, dynamic resource allocation, and individual video layouts per participant.

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