Avaya Pod Fx™

Enable Cloud-Based Communications from a Single Rack of Equipment


  • Create a fully virtualized multimedia communications infrastructure that enables voice, video, real time collaboration and customer experience management with greater ease and agility.

Virtualized Compute

  • Multiple VMWare-compatible compute servers are deployed in a high-availability cluster.
  • Avaya Aura® and Customer Experience Management virtual appliances can be moved on-demand, or dynamically, between hosts.


  • The Pod Fx uses the EMC VNX family, mid-tier fully redundant storage systems that are efficient, scalable, and easy to manage.
  • This system contributes to the overall reliability of Pod Fx with full redundancy and upgrade capabilities.


  • The Avaya Virtual Services Platform 7000 for top-of-rack switching in the Pod Fx offers high-density 10/ 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and high speed interconnect ports to interconnect pods for scaling and resource sharing.
  • Enable Avaya Fabric Connect (based on enhanced Shortest Path Bridging) to interconnect Pods locally or over the wide area. Improve application availability between geographically dispersed Data Centers with this innovative technology.


  • The Avaya Pod Orchestration Suite provides an umbrella management system with single sign on. Use this integrated solution to manage all the diverse components in the Pod Fx.
  • Layered dashboards enable health monitoring, diagnostics, performance, and reporting to be completed quickly and efficiently.
  • Avaya Control Manager offers centralized multi-tenant administration.

Gateways (optional)

  • The Avaya G450 Media Gateway seamlessly integrates traditional circuit-switched and IP-switched interfaces.

Session Border Controller (optional)

  • The Session Border Controller helps defend SIP signaling elements against security threats and overloads.
  • Typically used for SIP trunking and to extend collaboration services to remote workers, this Session Boarder Controller is an optional component that can be deployed in a standard- or high-availability configuration.

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