Avaya Pivot™ Operating Platform

Taking on the Everywhere Data Center

Addressing Lateral Security and Efficiency as Resources Move Outside the Data Center

  • Keep up with the explosion of IoT, cloud, and big data that’s moving your compute resources outside of the data center “clean room” and spanning across your campus locations. You may be drawn into this advancing wave to gain real-time access to data, reduce network load during business hours, and provide scaling to support IoT devices.
  • Solve the challenges that come with rapidly evolving business applications and IoT devices, which are creating new east-west traffic requirements at the edge of the network. Forcing traffic into the data center and back to secure cross campus segments would increase latency, and add scale and cost to centralized security appliances. However, deploying additional, dedicated appliances across campus segments would increase network complexity and impact scalability. Avaya has an innovative solution.
  • Use the Avaya Pivot™ operating platform to run out-of-the-box service chains to secure lateral campus traffic. The service chain elements, which Avaya calls pivot points, can be anything from a network operating system to network security services to analytical systems.
  • Complement your security measures. As foundational functionality, Avaya provides hyper-segmentation, stealth, and elasticity capabilities for your Everywhere Data Center.

Secure Multi-Directional Flows

The Avaya Pivot™ operating platform plus the Avaya Arc™ orchestration engine automate protected east-west traffic with a complete service chain of security and network function virtualization.

Accommodate Increasing Scale

With automated service chains, the fragmented nature of an Everywhere Data Center is supported by reducing the burden on resources between the campus and data center.

Reduce Manual and Physical Provisioning

Scaling restrictions, manual configurations, cost and complexity of standalone appliances, and human error are all reduced.

How Avaya Pivot Works

How Avaya Pivot Works

Running on agnostic hardware such as networking switches, x86, or ARM platforms, Avaya Pivot houses virtual network service containers. The services, called pivot points, can include a virtualized network operating system, network virtualization, firewall, IDS/IPS, QoS, and gateways.

Acting like a hypervisor for virtual machines, Linux, KVM and Open vSwitch are the software elements that operate and manage the virtual network service containers. The Avaya Arc orchestration engine deploys pivot points into networking service chains. Northbound APIs allow integration into other enterprise systems.

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