Avaya Aura® Virtualized Environment

Easily Virtualize Your Avaya Applications


Full Unified Communications and Collaboration Solution Supported on VMware

  • Virtualize your unified communications applications and get the same great benefits you’ve realized from virtual servers. Avaya Aura® applications—the ones that deliver voice, video, data, and mobile collaboration tools—are now supported on VMware as virtual appliances.
  • Skip the installation on a network server by using downloadable, VMware-compatible OVA files. This way, you can integrate full-function Unified Communications applications on your own hardware and VMware operating systems.
  • Launch the latest collaboration tools in a reliable, flexible, cost-effective deployment—whether you’re new to Avaya, or looking to update existing Avaya solutions.
  • Review our infographic Virtualization: Embracing the New Norm for IT to learn trends and facts about virtualization.

Network Reliability

Keep your communications and collaboration resources up and available with the built-in survivability of the Avaya Aura® Platform, now integrated with VMware diagnostic and maintenance tools.

Flexible Deployment Options

Choose the deployment model that best suits your environment. You have the option of dedicated servers, virtualized software, or a combination of both.

Better TCO Today, Increased ROI Tomorrow

Adding virtual appliances for Unified Communications reduces your hardware footprint and energy usage while simplifying administration and training. Your cost savings start immediately and continue into the future.

Avaya Mobile Applications

Collaboration Applications Join the Virtualized Data Center

Business collaboration is making employees more efficient and effective. Virtualization is driving down operating costs. Combine these major trends by virtualizing your Unified Communications and Collaboration applications. When virtualized, these applications launch faster, and they make the network simpler, open, more flexible—yet reliable and secure. Your IT team knows the virtualization drill—now they can easily make the move to reliable Unified Communications.

Real Time Communications

Leave Virtualizing Real-Time Communications to the Experts

Moving real time communications to the virtual environment requires careful application design, reliable integration of resources, and flexible system architectures. You can depend on the leaders in real time communications and virtualization of the data center to understand your enterprise requirements for system survivability and communications reliability.

Management interface to install and maintain Avaya virtualized applications

Avaya Virtual Application Manager

Use this product-oriented management interface to install and maintain Avaya virtualized applications on any compatible VMware architecture. Download Avaya OVA files, store them, and maintain your virtualized UC solution. This application supports the flexible resource feature, which permits scaling virtualized installations for both midmarket and large enterprises. Reduce install times and support installations without vCenter.

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