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Eight Reasons to Move to Avaya Aura Release 7 [PDF]

The Avaya Aura® Platform does more than provide unified communications. It provides a foundation for the new Era of Engagement. Avaya Aura Release 7 offers many ways to bring the Era of Engagement to your enterprise.

Toll Fraud Brochure [PDF]

Assess your security posture against toll fraud, premium service fraud and related exploits. Detect and mitigate VoIP unified communication specific threats and vulnerabilities. Protect VoIP servers, Public Switched Telephone Network connectivity, device authentication, and other targets.

Avaya Aura® Platform [PDF]

The Avaya Aura Platform is a breakthrough in business communications. Avaya's core communications platform supports mid to large enterprises, enables unified communications, on-demand collaboration and customer service, faster, with less complexity and at lower cost, anywhere in the world. The Avaya Aura Platform brings together award-winning Avaya real-time communications performance and reliability with a revolutionary, enterprise-wide SIP architecture, plus the instant detection of each user's presence across devices and applications. Communications applications and services are implemented once and made available across the business. Simpler deployment and streamlined provisioning, plus leaner hardware and enterprise-wide dial plans, all drive down costs and complexity.

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise [PDF]

The Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise provides all the functionality required for an enterprise to terminate Session Initiation Protocol trunks without the complexity associated with typical Session Border Controllers.

Avaya Professional Services [PDF]

See how Avaya Professional Services uses Enablement, Optimization, and Innovation Services to help companies get the most out of their real-time communications solutions, helping them achieve business strategies.

Upgrading Your Network: Taking the Next Step in Communications and Collaboration [PDF]

Upgrading your network is easier and less costly than you think. Upgrade to the latest version of the Avaya Aura Platform, laying the foundation for collaborative applications and, even more significantly, gaining immediate paybacks in network access, management and operational costs in your existing infrastructure.

Deployment Services [PDF]

Avaya provides expert implementation to maximize your investment in Avaya unified communications, contact center, and networking solutions.

Fact Sheets

Avaya Equinox® Attendant [PDF]

Avaya Equinox Attendant leverages the power of unified communications capabilities, helping streamline communications and drive customer service by giving your front desk personnel the opportunity to create a positive first impression with customers.

Avaya Aura® System Manager [PDF]

Avaya Aura System Manager is the intuitive management and administration tool that brings the Avaya Aura Platform to life.

Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services [PDF]

Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services provides developer interfaces for both off-the-shelf and custom integrations with hundreds of communications and business applications such as Microsoft Office Communicator and IBM Lotus Sametime, as well as a broad range of contact center, call recording and click-to-dial applications.

Avaya Aura Session Manager [PDF]

Session Manager’s SIP based routing provides centralized control capabilities with significant improvements in scale and redundancy, enabling more cost effective distributed enterprise deployments.

Avaya Aura® Virtualized Environment [PDF]

Industry leading Avaya Aura Unified Communications applications installable as VMware virtual machines.

Avaya Aura Communication Manager [PDF]

Avaya Aura Communication Manager is a foundational element of the Avaya Aura Platform, and delivers rich voice, video, mobility, messaging and engagement capabilities on a resilient, distributed network that supports SIP/IP-based, digital and analog communication devices.

Avaya G-Series Media Gateways [PDF]

Avaya G-Series Media Gateways provide a flexible, reliable, and scalable platform for your Avaya communications applications.

Avaya Aura® Presence Services [PDF]

Avaya Aura Presence Services is a key enabler of pervasive collaboration and provides a scalable, high performance presence aggregation service that collects and disseminates rich presence information across the Avaya Aura Platform.

Avaya Aura® Suite Licensing Fact Sheet [PDF]

The new Avaya Aura Suite Licensing consists of two new suite licensing packages that will simplify how you enable Avaya Aura and UC applications. With it you can support the unique needs of users depending on their specific role and task at hand - whether they are working in main office, roaming the campus, on the road and highly mobile, or in virtual environments.

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise [PDF]

The Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise provides all the functionality required for an enterprise to terminate Session Initiation Protocol trunks without the complexity associated with typical Session Border Controllers.



Learn how Avaya and select partners deliver NG911 [5:39]

End to End NG911 with Avaya / Conveyant / Beta 80 Intl

Session Border Controller - Toll Fraud (3 in a series of 3) [1:06]

This video illustrates how VoIP and UC implementations, if not deployed with adequate security, can result in toll fraud or premium-rate service fraud.
Learn more about how the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise can help combat VoIP and unified communication security threats.

Session Border Control - Denial of Service (2 in a series of 3) [1:18]

Security breaches not only happen externally, but internally. Learn how easy it can be for a disgruntled worker to create a denial of service in the workplace.
Learn more about how the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise can help combat VoIP and unified communication security threats.

Session Border Control - Attack and Vulnerabilities [1:27]

This video shows common vulnerabilities in enterprise networks today, and how a hacker can easily attack and bring down a network. Learn more about the Avaya Session Border Controller Advanced for Enterprise on how to prevent these types of threats.

Avaya Equinox and Oceana User Experience [4:12]

It’s game day! When time is critical and the task list is long, rely on Avaya Team and Customer Engagement solutions to make the difference!

Avaya Aura Platform: The Solution for Engagement [4:25]

Learn how Avaya Aura can take your enterprise beyond collaboration to real engagement with customers, partners and across you teams.

Avaya Call Park and Page Snap-in [1:57]

Quickly connect incoming callers to experts in your organization—no matter where they are. Ideal for reaching on-the-go people, this out-of-the-box application for Engagement Development Platform enables operators to park callers on designated extensions while they page or text users to retrieve the call from any phone.

Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in [1:41]

Enable rich online collaboration directly within your website. Use this developer Snap-in to make your web pages more personal with guided web browsing, shared control, and secure form filling that helps you close online transactions, improve first contact resolution, and differentiate your online experience.

Avaya Engagement Assistant Snap-in [2:21]

Use this Snap-in for Engagement Development Platform to simplify access to voice and video conference calls. Engagement Assistant eliminates the hassle of users manually entering long bridge numbers and passcodes. Users call a single phone number and use speech-driven access to join any voice or video conference on their Microsoft Outlook calendars.

Avaya Mobile Video Snap-in [1:47]

Integrate click to call or video chat directly within your web pages or mobile apps. Use this developer Snap-in for Engagement Development Platform to quickly create rich, contextually aware voice and video services that seamlessly connect users to your video-enabled agents and employees.

Avaya Engagement Development Platform [3:09]

Find out how the Avaya Engagement Development Platform can help businesses achieve their collaboration goals of embedding communications into business processes and enabling users to focus on their priorities instead of technologies that enable the flow of information.

Making the Most of the Latest Avaya Aura® Capabilities [4:48]

This video explains how the latest release of Avaya Aura® can have dramatic impacts on your costs, your employees effectiveness and the way you service your customers.

White Papers

Session Initiation Protocol Trunking

SIP trunking extends the capabilities of enterprise telephony systems by enabling new features and functions. The primary method of terminating SIP trunks within the enterprise is via an enterprise session border controller. Explore the business case for deploying SIP trunks, the requirements for securing them, and the features needed in a SIP trunk security solution.

Avaya Aura® Platform: The Solution for Engagement [PDF]

Learn how the Avaya Aura® Platform delivers a single, holistic solution for team and customer engagement.

Effectively Managing Communications During a Service Outage

Consider a new approach to managing customer relationships during service outages. We walk through the limitations of traditional approaches for handling call volume fluctuations. And spotlight new capabilities in intelligent call routing and voice portal platforms that can automate and simplify your entire customer experience, supporting interactions across a variety of channels

The Avaya Aura® Platform: Taking the Next Step [PDF]

With its powerful SIP-based networking capabilities, Avaya Aura® can take your enterprise network to the next level. Read this white paper to learn more how the latest releases of Avaya Aura® can benefit your enterprise.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony

Avaya has been positioned as a Leader by Gartner in Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony for the ninth consecutive year as measured by ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Virtual Infrastructure Creates Communications Agility [PDF]

ZK Research explains how virtualization is driving the next generation of collaboration solutions, and how IT leaders should leverage that power to create a dynamic communications environment.

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