Avaya Aura® Messaging

Unified Messaging with User Experience Choices and Deployment Flexibility

Operating System

  • Application Server - Linux
  • Avaya Message Store - Linux


  • 300 Ports
  • 20,000 Users

Hardware Options

  • Dell PowerEdge R610 Server
  • HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Server
  • S8800 Server
  • S8730 Server

Server Roles – Application Server

  • Application Server
    • Integration with your telephony system for voice and MWI
    • A telephone user interface for users and callers, including Auto Attendant and Caller Applications
    • Local caching for the offline handling of user directory data, greetings, recorded names, and voice messages
  • Storage Server
    • Voice messages (When using the Avaya message store)
    • Directory data in an LDAP directory (users contacts, distribution lists, caller applications)
    • The storage role also supports non-voice interaction with users, including:
    • IMAP4 access to voice messages (When using the Avaya message store)
    • SMTP routing of voice messages, text-message notifications, and email copies
    • Connectivity to: LDAP directory,
    • Message store for monitoring Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) and Notify Me (text message notifications, telephone call notification, and email copies)
    • User Preferences

Deployment Options

  • Front-end/Back-end single site configuration
  • Distributed multisite configuration
  • Centralized multisite configuration
  • WAN cluster configuration

SIP Telephony Integration

  • Avaya Aura® Session Manager
  • Avaya Aura® Communication Manager
  • Avaya Communication Server 1000
  • AudioCodes Gateway


  • G.711 Audio
  • GSM 6.10 Audio
  • T.38 Fax


  • Arabic
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Canadian French with French GUI
  • Castilian Spanish
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Dutch
  • English (U.K.) with an U.S. English GUI
  • English (U.S.)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Polish
  • Russian


  • A la carte
  • Included with Avaya Aura® Mobility Suite

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