Avaya Aura® Messaging

Unified Messaging with User Experience Choices and Deployment Flexibility

Give Users the Telephone Interfaces They Want

  • Access your email, voicemail, and faxes from a single interface.
  • Use a platform built for stability and flexibility. We use an all-Linux platform with local survivability and geo-redundant capabilities to serve large distributed or centralized configurations, with the option to store messages in an Avaya and/or Microsoft Exchange message store.
  • Use Avaya migration services to move from Octel Aria 250/350 and Intuity Audix systems to Avaya Aura® Messaging. Traditional voicemail users can continue their familiar Octel Aria and Intuity Audix experiences.
  • Use the only unified messaging system integrated with the Avaya Aura® Platform.

Maintain Productivity with a Familiar User Interface

Users migrating from Octel Aria or Intuity Audix can be up and running with minimal retraining required.

Use an Avaya or Microsoft Exchange Message Store

Choose where to store messages on a user basis to address architecture and governance requirements.

Add a Speech-Based Auto Attendant

Make it easy for callers to route themselves to the right person or service. Improve the service given to callers and save the need for an IVR.

Customer Story
Australian War Memorial

“The Avaya products enable staff to check phone messages via their emails, and to locate specialist colleagues if necessary."

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Messaging User Interface

User Interface Continuity

An ideal upgrade for legacy Avaya voicemail, Avaya Aura® Messaging gives users familiar interface options: an interface typical of Octel Aria 250/350 systems, or an Intuity-like experience found in Avaya Intuity AUDIX or Definity AUDIX systems.

Avaya Aura Messaging Migration Made Easier

Migration Made Easier

Simplify and accelerate migration initiatives and address message retention requirements. Transfer mailbox data, messages, and recorded names and greetings when moving from Octel 250/350 and Intuity Audix systems to Avaya Aura Messaging.

Unified Messaging Linux Based

Dependable Operations

The application server and message store is Linux based, reducing concerns about security, maintenance, and downtime that can accompany other operating systems. Choose where to store messages on a per-person basis to address architecture and governance requirements. Add N+1 application servers and a geo-redundant message store for extra protection against unanticipated outages.

Avaya Aura Messaging

Enhanced Corporate Communications

Create caller applications with menus and prompts to provide information and route calls for employees and customers.

Avaya Aura Messaging

Integrated Mobility

The Reach Me features lets callers connect with users after they’ve been directed to voicemail. Notify Me provides multiple methods for message notification. Optional Speech to Text transcribes messages and delivers them where you want.

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Benefits: Improved Customer Service, Enhanced Collaboration, Reduce Cost
Topic: Customer Service
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Avaya Equinox™ Experience
Avaya Equinox™ Experience

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